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Excuses For Not Getting to the Gym


What are the reasons that you don?t get to the gym? I realize most of you live at the gym, but when you can't go, then what?


no excuses no bullshit


But seriously, I don't make excuses and I don't miss training units. In contrast, I find it rather difficult to maintain the required off days, backoff weeks, etc.


If I made excuses, it would be that I'm too busy (during busy times). I solve this by waking up earlier and going before my day revs up. Not my favorite time to train, but it gets the job done when things are really hectic. This summer there has been no cause for excuses at all. I'm not working and am at fairly loose ends during the day. And most people I know are at work during the days, so I best be finding time to get my workouts in.


With all the overtime in my job I don't go when I get hit for a 16 hour day and have 7 hours before i have to be back at work or when I'm on my 6th or 7th consecutive 12 hour shift.


Usually alot of school work. I work full time, and sometimes i need extra time to get papers done and study for finals.

Other than that priority, the gym comes in at # 3.


Well, I just had a tooth prepped for a crown and I took quite a bit of novacaine. I had planned on lifting after but now that I'm out of the chair there's no way I'm going to be able to focus on a good lift. So instead of M/W/F this week it will be Mon/Thur/Sat.

That's what I usually do, just do it the next day.

Is that an excuse?



I say stop being a puss and get in the door. Once you're there get on the treadmill put on some music....and get motivated


Reasons I don't go to the gym?

I died.

a large Asteroid hit Earth...directly on my gym.

The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders all showed up at my house at once completely naked except for strategically placed whipped cream and pom poms.

They decided to move the gym to my house just for kicks.

Tsunami...but only if it flooded the gym more than 3 feet full of water. After that, I would have to swim to the HS machines and that sucks.

In all honesty, I don't make excuses. Excuses are for pussies and very sad individuals who accuse everyone else who is making progress of using drugs as the only reason they do.


Yeah. The same pussies also blame everything on genetics and are always "hardgainers".

No excuses, no bullshit. :wink:


If I have a work-related event, health issue, emergency or some other reason, I make up the workout the next day.

However, if I can plan ahead, I will do so. That way, I don't miss working out, I just re-adjust my schedule.

Consistency is key, but sometimes, you have to be flexible when life throws a curveball. Don't skip the workouts, just adjust!


Technically this does not count. I think you will be doing an intense bodyweight gpp workout.


Actually, all those scenarios sound like they'd lead to pretty decent workouts... except the death one.

If I'm insanely sick, I may not train. Also, if I have a paper publication deadline, I may slide some of my workouts, or just make them shorter.


I'm on a 4 day on, 1 day off program and never miss. Ever. No excuses, ever. It's a bad habit to get into and once you start, it gets easier and easier the next time. I did however take one week off when I had the big V surgery...


Well put.


When I work 10 hours on friday, 10 hours on saturday, and 10 hours on sunday, and 5 hours on wednesday lifting/pulling/carrying/paddling kayaks up and down a ramp to the beach only to return it to a rack ranging from the ground to 8 feet high. Its a good GPP workout though. If I do anymore than that and my deadlift/dip workout on tuesday I would most likely be overtraining.

Surprisingly, I havent lost much muscle mass this summer.


Wicked taco squirts. It was squat day.


I ALMOST skipped a workout today. I'm moving this week, and packing is a pain in the ass. I was tired, it was raining really hard, and I just wanted to sit around and relax for a while. Then I realized I could go workout, and spend the next couple of days getting stronger and bigger, or stay home and spend the next few days getting fatter. It was an easy choice.


If it is engrained as a way of life, there are no excuses. Coming up with excuses takes a certain level of effort...getting to the gym should be effortless. I view training as a "normal body function."


If there was really an excuse I would say "not recovered from last workout". e.g. Chest not recovered from reps day to do my max day today. But even that I would go to the gym and do something.

So no, I don't make any excuses.

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