Excuse my ignorance

Being relatively new to this forum and mag (& a bit thick )please excuse my ignorance, but where does this Dawg business come from? While on the subject, what type of dogs (as in woof woof) do u have, we (me, the credit card user and the ankle biters) have got a German Shepherd.

Dawg…comes from men being dogs. You know humping anything. Running with a pack or just going solo as a lone wolf. I own a Rottweiler.

I have a dalmation. He’s the coolest dog I’ve ever had. But I just found out he has a fractured neck and will probably have to be put to sleep. He’s only 2 1/2!!! :frowning:

I have two German Shepherds, my male is THE biggest shepherd that I have ever seen, 165 and 33" at the withers! he does need to lose some weight though, but he is just a freak.
Sorry to hear bout your dog nate, that really sucks.

Sorry to hear that Nate. My brother has had dalmations for 20 years. Yeah, cool dogs. My regards, Bodz.

I know I’ll get a lot of shit for this but I have a pot-bellied pig. My girlfriend is allergic to dogs. That damn thing is the smartest pet I’ve ever had. She lives inside, goes in a litter box and sleeps in our bed. Doesn’t shed or smell. Cleaner than ANY dog I’ve ever had.

I also have a German Shepherd. She is 11 months old. I live in Alaska and she enjoys playing in the snow. Every time we get fresh powder she will roll around in it until she becomes a white Shepherd. They are my favorite breed because they have so many great traits.

Hyphnz: The first real “Dogs” were Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, an historic Black Fraternity. Although founded in 1911, it was the 60’s and 70’s when they became known as “Q-Dogs” (The “Q” represents the Omega; a lot of you guys probably have seen some Pro and College Atheletes with an Omega Branded on their arm). Hey…we were steppin’, barkin’ and called “Dogs” WAY before it became fashionable and “cool”…and yes…there is a brand on my arm and over my heart…Omega Psi Phi…till the day I die…(Wooof, Bow Wow…!!!)

By the way…I’ve always gotten my dogs from the Dog Pound/Animal Shelter…Lord KNOWS what Patton is…but he sure is a GREAT DOG!!!

Polarbear are you my wife? She is a dog snob too and believes that there are German Shepherds and then all other breeds. I can have a say in what type of dog we have, but it counts for jack shit!Thanks for the other info guys.

Hey hypynz, your wife must have grown up with em, or else she is very smart.

I have always had dogs…and I have always gotten them from the pound. I have a wolf / shepherd mix. She has the build and instincts of a wolf with the shepherd colorings. Fortunatly, I own 10 acres because she loves to wander…and kill anything that moves. She is a great inspiration because she is a bitch on wheels. I have had her bring down almost the entire wildlife population in my yard…from squirrels to racoons to possums to even (I am not kidding) a full grown deer last year. The only battle she lost was to a wild turkey that scratched her up big time! Since then…wild turkeys seem to be off her hunting list LOL!