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Excruciating Lower Abdominal Cramps

Ok guys, I need your help.

Just getting back into working out after a long layoff. I was doing crunches the other day, and my lower abdominal muscles started cramping. When I say cramping, I mean it felt like they were being torn in half. It was excruciating pain. I nearly collapsed.

How do I fix this? Is it nutritional? Do I just have to work my abs really slowly? How do I get around this? Its happened the last couple of times, and now I am scared to do abs at all.

And don’t worry, I’m not just focusing on abs, I do all the other wonderful O-lifts.

Love to hear your thoughts. Toodles!

Had this happen once before and my experience sounds exactly like yours.

Getting back into the gym and was finishing a workout with leg raises. All of a sudden, BAM. Worst pain ever in the lower abs, couldn’t stand, couldn’t really lay down. I didn’t know what the hell was happening. People around me were getting ready to call an ambulance when it finally eased up enough for me to limp outside and recover - eventually.

It hasn’t heappened since (knock on m’fn wood) but then again I haven’t done leg raises since and probably never will. (Squats and overhead press good enough for abs amirite?!?)

Maybe more potassium in the diet? I don’t know I think it’s more a function of just getting back into the swing of things.

Same thing happens to me once in a while… Don’t have an answer though so I’m pretty much just bumping this

Thanks to those who responded.

To everyone else, what? No dice? No takers?

[quote]DeterminedNate wrote:
Thanks to those who responded.

To everyone else, what? No dice? No takers?


I was rushed to the ER two summers ago with lower abdominal pain. I wasn’t eating much at the time either and I was training for a half marathon. The doctors took blood did a cat scan yada yada yada and it turned out to be dehydration. My electrolytes were so fucked up. I forget exactly what the numbers were but I remember my sodium was either realy high or really low. Yeah potassium is important too. I’d say go seee a doctor just in case. Web MD wrote an article a little while ago about the different types of pain you shouldn’t ignore and abdominal pain was one of them

I’d say you probably need to sit on the toilet.