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Excruciating Lower Abdominal Cramps

The long and the short of it:

Got sick of being fat, started working out, found T-Nation, became a killing machine, got a social life, drank too much, got fat again, and now back to the drawing board.

Well, I was doing crunches the other day, simple ab crunches, and when I got up to stand up, it felt like my lower abdomen was being torn in half. Literally. I was at the gym, and had to let out a groan and hunch over. One of the 3 worst pains I have ever felt in my life.

How do I remedy this?

Is it nutritional? Do I just need to building my abs really slowly and take extra special care? I’m not sure, but every time I do abs now, I am literally scared of getting horrible abdominal cramps.



I get these sometimes. I find they happen when I do a movement I haven’t done in a while.

I did reverse crunches for the first time about a month ago and man I doubled over from the pain and the cramp lasted about 20-30 seconds. Definately the worse I have ever experienced. A few days later when I did them, I cramped, but not until the 3rd set, opposed to the first. By the 3rd week I wasn’t cramping at all.