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Exclusive Powerlifting Gym in Chantilly, Va


So here's the deal, one of my training partners is moving to England for three years. I'm looking for someone to join our powerlifting team. We train at an exclusive private facility in Chantilly, va. We have everything one needs to train for powerlifting. The one piece of equipment that i want, a monolift, is in the near future. Each member has their own keyless entry card and the monthly rate is very reasonable. We typically train three days a week on mainly mondays, wednesdays and saturdays.

Who's look'n to get stronger??


I am, but I'm in Hell's smokehouse, the Great State of Arizona.


Hey Scott, good luck with finding someone - lord knows it seems like no one in this area wants to step outside of the pussified commercial gyms. If I didn't have the garage gym I would be on board in a heartbeat. That place looks badass.


Shit, would jump on this in a heartbeat if I lived anywhere near VA.


Hmm..would it be RAWWWWW only?


i guess you don't want it enough then:)


it amazes me because my new place is a dream come true. you should come up and train with us sometimes though.


easy fix.... move to va.


nah... just lower case raw. BUT i have been known to be a part time whore.


aahhh so tempting, but as is i spend too much time behind the wheel instead of under the bar.
but how you go about setting up keyless entry facility like that? isn't the rent alone killing you?


it's all in who you know:) if you ever want to check the place out, let me know.


If I lived anywhere close I would be there in a heartbeat. 1200 miles is a bit of a commute though. Best of luck in your search.


If it makes you feel any better, I only live about 15 miles from Chantilly but with the DC traffic situation heading west at that time of day, YOU might be able to get there quicker than I could haha

Meat man, I would love to take you guys up on the offer, but I assume ya'll are still training in the early evenings?

Regardless, I'd like to come by and catch up sometime soon...if not at the gym, then the Applebee's :slight_smile:


you could always come up for the weekend session.

you are welcome anytime my friend.


details details bro


Doveofwar, anyone tell you , you kinda resemble the late Nick Winters, RIP
(assuming thats you in avatar pic?)


Yes it is me in my avatar.

Nope. No one I know/hang around with on a regular basis has any idea who he is. Thanks for the compliment though.


I live in Herndon, only 10-15 min away from chantilly. I'm really interested. I will be away this weekend but would love to come check this place out. send me some info


PM me and i'll get you my cell number so we can talk.


Don't worry, I hit up in Die Hard.