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Exclude Category from Latest Overview?

Hi, new member here.

Probably a stupid question: Is there is a method to personalize the “latest topics” list?

It seems dominated a bit by “pharma” topics - and I have zero interest in those, so just wondered if there exists some option I have overlooked.

Not really. Latest will always show the, um, latest threads being replied to. Pharma might be a bit more active recently but I don’t think it generally dominates the top of the page. Could just as easily be stuff in Off-Topic, PWI, BSL, etc.

Like right now, Pharma is 4 of the 12 latest posts, PWI is 3 of them. I kinda get what you mean though, if you’re totally 110% not even the slightest bit interested in seeing it.

In any case, go into your profile: Preferences… Categories… Muted…

That should keep anything in that forum from appearing for you.

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Thank you - this was precisely what I was after.

Pharma & T-replacement muted - it worked like a charm. :slight_smile:
(Pretty cool function actually. )

On this topic, has there been an option to ignore users implemented? I miss that.

Yep, same part of your user profile: Preferences… Users… Ignored/Muted.

I believe ignore is the “bigger” version of blocking because it hides their posts and all possible contact. Muted just prevents them from tagging you.

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Sweet! Thanks.

All those years you thought you were on mute with posters. Turns out you were right.


I just assume he muted me :sweat_smile: