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New York: After seeing pictures of the buff and cut T-mag staff, “Boy Band” creator Hal Dawson has released this statement: “We feel that we really may have something here. Something that will blow away the likes of the Backstreet Boys and N’Sync. As far as I’m concerned, they’re old news. I’d like to introduce you to TC, Tim, Brock, John, and Cy: The Brockstreet Boys!” Even though they’ve yet to release a single, young girls around the country are shelling out their baby-sitting money, previously being hoarded as a base for a college fund, in order to buy the first new Brockstreet Boys figures “Massive Eating John” who comes complete with five pounds of lean turkey breast and a little blender of his own and “Cycling Cy” who comes complete with chart after chart of information on protein synthesis and absorption. Hitting the shelves next month will be “Tea Time TC”, whose blond locks can be trimmed and curled, as well as “Vascularity/Vasectomy Tim” whose long veins can be rearranged using the included sticker pack, and who has something else that girls can trim…that, however, won’t come back.

Their debut CD “Glued to you, Glue-ta-mine” will pack power with these pop tunes:

  1. Protein Power
  2. Heart Breaker,Snapple Stealer
  3. CRYatine
  4. My Baby’s like a blender
  5. Don’t HIT me (dedicated to MM)
  6. Say it ain’t Synthol
  7. Buy Two, Get one Free
  8. Urge to Surge
  9. If we were (Ian) King’s
  10. Sorry about the Sucralose
  11. Everyone wants a Jacket

Look for The Brockstreet Boy’s upcoming concert schedual!

"MB Eric: Time on his hands, Terror in his head since 1982."


That’s great bro! Funny stuff, my man. That reminds me, so many teenagers think I look like that AJ guy from the Backstreet Boys. It cracks me up everytime I hear it!

Very clever. When you’re a famous writer/satirist I’ll tell people “I remember the time MB wrote…”

Thanx, Nate. Hey where’s TImbo and the other cohorts to tell me how screwed in the head I am?

“MB Eric: Lost a screw and bustin’ a nut since 1899.”



I’m cracking up, dude.

So did you say you’re going to school for Psychology on another thread?


Hahhaha…good one!

MB eric, that was a funny post bud. Your posts are always creative and comical. Seriously, you have some talent bud. Thanks for the entertainment. :slight_smile:

M-Boy, have you ever thought about getting into comedy writing or stand-up, everything you write in this fourm cracks me up…nice job!

MB, great job. Very funny and creative stuff!

Aw gee golly thanks 'n shucks guys. Actually I’ve been doing the comedy writing thing for some time now, I’ve just never been paid for it. And yes, I am indeed pursuing a career in psychological therapy, just so that I can be the therapist that I never had. I have had people tell me to go into the comedial arts, and often still consider it. I have several friends working their way into the entertainment industry and I figure if they make it I cna always be dragged in as a writer. Besides, who says I can’t be a therapist/comedian just like how my sister wanted to be a singing ice skater princess deal. Except I wouldn’t wear the tiarra…in public. I get a serious jolt out of knowing you guys are laughing when I post this beautifully mindless idiocy here. I believe that there’s no point in training if you’re not having fun doing it and I consider puking up humorous posts on this here forum is an extension of that. Lata.

“MB Eric: Your source for reports and retorts since 1812.”