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Exciting New Diet!

Tired of all of that dietary mumbo-jumbo?

Worried about timing, measuring, and macronutrient breakdowns?

Do you think your time in the kitchen could be better spent learning an extinct language or examining the similarities and differences of various brands of shoe polish?

Then check out this guy…


He has a solution for you!

Realy though, this dude must be nuts.

Haha. Good find, man.

From his blog: “My theory is that monkeys are almost people, so monkey food is almost people food. Science is over-rated.”


That just made my day

Bachelor Chow, anyone?



Haha I dunno looks like a solution to fat america! In 5 days he’s lost 5lbs…maybe we should start handing that stuff out at McDonalds everytime someone orders.

This is hilarious. Definitely going to be keeping my eye on this one…

i’d laugh my ass off if he choked and died from it.