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Excited About EDT

As I am reading through Muscle and Fitness I am learning about this newer training style by coach Charles Staley. It seems to be about picking 2 opposing muscle groups and and an exercise from each. Then using your 10 rep max weight start going back and forth for 15 straight minutes. They say to start by only doing 5 reps with 5-10 sec breaks at first, even though it is not hard at first, and continue on. It is 15 minutes without much rest, it will get harder.

Has anyone used this practice before or currently using it? How is it working and do you believe in this workout plan with it only being 15 minutes? It does sound like it can beat your muscles of going almost as quickly as you can for 15 straight minutes. I am excited to hear your opinion and results.

I’ve done it before, but it wasn’t for me. I like lifting heavier than the program really allows for. Was definitely challenging though. Also, it lasts 30 minutes, not 15 because you do two pairs of 15 mins each.

Interesting point, from what I thought the article said if we are just starting out we should just do the initial Compulsory exercise and as we get into it add in the Optional excercise with 2 different workouts after (this one looked like more concentrated workouts).

Hmmm, from what I remember it was two sets of back to back exercises. So, DB bench and rows for 15 mins. Then squats and something else for another 15. I could be wrong though.

I really like EDT - style training except that I rather use shorter and heavier sets (1-3 reps, mostly something similar to CT’s Beast Building pt 1). I also tried doing 15 minutes of sets of 1-3 reps (compound exercises such as bench press, squat, DL, overhead press, pull-ups etc.) followed by 15 minutes of alternating sets as prescribed by Mr Staley. I find it very simple and motivating. Definitely worth trying.