Exchanging Exercises for Long Limbs

@Christian_Thibaudeau or everyone else please give your opinion on exchanging the exercises for me as i have long limbs

Training plan: Periodized bodybuilding

Squat → highbar squat heels elevated
Decline bench–> decline bench medium grip
Machine shoulder press
EZ bar lying triceps extension

seated leg curls
straightarm pulldown–> DB row
seated row
Cable curls → preacher curls
Rope hammer curl
cable upright row

DB press–> 45° DB press cable
crossover–> spoto press or bench small grip
DB lateral raise
suppnated EZ bar front raises
rope triceps press down → DB overhead extension

RDL–> deadlift or sumo deadlift or trapbar
Lat pull down neutral grip
seated row–> seated row wide grip
EZ bar curls
DB hammer curls
barbell shrugs

Have you ideas or improvements?
Thank you :slight_smile:

He did a little series on his youtube a couple of years ago. “Best chest exercises” for example where he breaks it down into sections based on your anthropometry. That could be worth a look for you. I’d get the links for you but heading off to the gym right now, they should be pretty easy to find though.

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Why not just figure it out experimentally? Two methods:

  1. Do the workouts with 1-2 sets each of both the original and proposed substitution for 8-15 reps. Then let ability to load or push yourself, contraction feel, pump, and rep quality be your guide.

  2. Similar, but do the original workout one week and the substituted workout the next. 3-5 sets of 8-15 reps. Then you can add soreness and how your joints feel the next day to the evaluation toolkit.

After you’ve picked out your exercises, start the program as written. Also, sometimes it’s good to do exercises you just don’t like to get better at them as long as they don’t injure you—this especially goes for the big compound lifts.

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I’m fine with the changes you made. The only one I might make is to use alternating DB curls rather than preacher curls as as substitute for cable curls

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Thanks, I’ve now watched all the relevant videos and they correspond relatively well to my exercise selection :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks @Christian_Thibaudeau I will then do it like this! to compensate for the greatest weaknesses (upper traps and biceps)

Full motivated after a aggressiv minicut of 4 weeks and really hard pushing of training

but now 1 week deload, even if it’s difficult, I’ve learned my lesson in this regard