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Excessively Sore Injection Spots


I am running a low dose of tren and deca. I draw them both with the same plunger and take it as one shot. The next day is fine, but the following two days are terrible.
I can't use the muscle, where ever I stick it, for almost two days. Anyone heard of this much soreness?


From what I have read this seems to be the norm. Ice advil and massage it and you should be fine. Specially if its only 2 days of pain.

Couple questions...

What gauge of needle?
You draw with one plugger and then replace the needle with a new one?
Also how many ml's are you injecting?


could be too big of a needle. or by putting the needle in 2 vials it may get dull and hurt more.


There could be dozens of variables that affect how sore you get, but overall some degree of soreness is to be expected for a lot of people (my injections always turn out to be very sore, personally). What you should watch for are odd discolorations of the skin, cysts forming, or anything that might look like an infection.

P.S. I hope you're either single, or in prison. Because you won't be having much use of your testicles or penis with that cycle.


Make sure you inject very slowly, you can feel it in your muscles if you are injecting too fast. This has been the only reason that I've had delayed pain.

On a side note, why are you running two nor-19 drugs? Extreme shutdown, no synergy, I don't get it. But good luck.


Yes I draw with one and inject with a new one.
25 gauge needle
Low doses of both.

I'm only taking the deca for my bad joints. A little tren to make solid gains.


Bad cycle. Dont understant the reason for the pain. Crappy gear that needs to be filtered? Whats your opinion of a low dose as that drastically differs from on person to another. Length of the needle can be a definate factor for some. I wont use a 1" and others are fine with them.

Id suggest ordering some viagra, however in no time at all you will have no urge to use it anyways.