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Excessive Urination on Test

Ever since I started test I urinate non stop anybody else having this issue?

You’re releasing fluid that you may have been retaining.

So what do I do I piss non stop it interrupts my sleep

I had it as well the first 3 months

I Dont cycle I been on fir 2 years

Check sodium do you take enough salt

Not sure why what would sodium do? I heard test enlarges prostrate

How do I stop it it interrupts my days and my sleep I’m not diabetic either

This is a claim proven to be false

In the beginning, once my body adapted excessive urination ceased.

This chap adapted so well urination ceased completely


Could be your prostate is enlarged and pushing up against your bladder. If your pee stream weak and have the urge to go but not a ton comes out every time, then that could definitely be the issue. Otherwise it’s likely your body is finding a balance and fluctuation the amount of water it’s holding as others mentioned.

How long have you been on TRT?

A year and half

And this has been going on the entire time?

If this began soon after starting it is unlikely due to prostate enlargement. While uncommon, it is not unheard of for some to experience an adverse effect on the prostate quickly after starting TRT. However, unless you have been on a few months prior to this starting, it is probably fluid retention, as mentioned above.

Have you discussed this with your doctor? A quick physical exam would provide some answers.

Been urinating nonstop since I started test anybody kno how to fix this I run 2 iu hgh too but the urination started with the test any ideas or thoughts would be helpful


Your prostate is enlarged. Welcome to trt. Try some saw palmetto. I’ve had this issue for over three years during trt, it’s annoying but ultimately it’s usually harmless.

It just stops in few months(my did). Do you piss in night?