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Excessive sweating after eating binge

I blew my diet big time last night, and this isn’t the first time this has happened, but I am prone to intense sweating after an eating binge (after eating clean for some time). What is the mechanism that is causing this? Thanks!

Excess calories will cause your metabolism to upregulate thru more thyroid hormone to metabolize the extra calories instead of storing them. I used to experience that once upon a time but no more at my age of 45…now the extra calories go straight to fat.

I experience mild to modest sweating after every meal, depending on its size. Thought this was normal.

it’s called the thermic effect. as you metabolism fires up to process your food your temperature increases. kevo

Thanks for the info…I figured it was something with metabolism. So is this a sign that I have a pretty good one then? I have been taking the orig. T2 the last couple of weeks as well. Did I essentially “get away with murder” then as far as diet? Waistline was up an inch this morning, but I am obviously storing some good water. Approx. how long should it take to reverse the damage of yesterday’s little eating excursion, assuming I’m to the letter on diet and training protocol?

Thermogenesis my brotha. Your body works at approx 98.6 degress right. Well it takes work to maintain that heat. I recall an article written by Dan Duchaine saying that one can tell where their metabolism stands if they take their morning temp before eating or taking any therms. If it slowly decreases each morning, then your metab is slowing down. When it reaches 93.1, its then shut down.