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Excessive or Well Deserved?


For me? Lovin' it.


Lol! So very well deserved. That person was an IMMEDIATE threat and very much crossed line.


Well deserved. The video would have been better if that bitch who was shouting "Stop! Stop! Don't smack him!" got her purse snatched by the perp on his way out. Did she not see the whole incident? People like this really annoy me.



Ho bout YOU stop it?

fuck, I hate how you cant even have a fight in public without it ending up online....


Yah its too bad he's gonna go back to prison in all likelihood. I like it when irony and karma come together though. When she slaps him and says "what you gonna do pussy". If only she could have known he had just pulled ten years for murder and I am sure had learned every fucking day if someone comes at you you meet them with massive force.


Its amazing how people don't understand that others are actually protecting their safety by doing something like this so they immediately yell STOP STOP without even thinking about it.


Well,it got excessive when they were on the ground and he kept going at it. Maybe he wouldnt face prison time again he just knocked them out with punched and stomp on them instead? Anyway,I hate how (SOME) women think they can get away with pulling shit like this.


I think hes likely been effected by ten years in prison some kind of ptsd, or he could have simply been like fuck it I am going back to jail anyway this one is for that, this one is for me losing this piece of shit job that was the only one I could get, this one is for slapping me, this one is because that white bitch won't shut it....etc.


That was well deserved. If you jump the counter, it's stupid to do anything other than assume the threat and neutralize it.

How do yall know he's going to prison by the way?

He should have hit that blond bitch while he was at it. She's an idiot.


He's charged with aggravated assault with a weapon and is out on parole for killing a classmate ten years ago. Also the news is focusing the debate on women beaten by cashier and stuff like that. I hope he doesn't but I think its gonna be tough for him not to get some time. Plus he's gonna lose that job for sure.


Yeah, I found the story finally. I hope he gets acquitted that is self defense in my mind. If you got people jumping the counter, you don't know what's next. But if somebody is jumping the counter they are their to give you a hug.

He beat the shit out of theme for sure :slight_smile:
I bet those cunts will never fuck with anybody like that ever again. At least they were charged with menacing and criminal trespass.

If he's going to jail for that, they at least ought to let him get a few licks on that annoying, fat, fake blond chick.


Funny, I was just on my way to add this to the superhero thread.

It serves to reinforce the point I was trying to make in that thread; that there is a difference between instinctive aggression in response to a threat, and losing all sanity resulting in aggressive actions.

She slaps the cashier, with the perception that the counter will protect her from retaliation. You can see her retreat when he attempts to strike back. He probably shouldn't have swung back, but I can't blame him. Him missing, and the physical layout of the restaurant emboldens her to take it to the next level.

Her first step behind the counter was when this went from crazy to insane. She was crossing a line (literal and figurative), with conscious intent to do harm. There is no more "heat of the moment" excuse here. He retreats to a defensive position, until he reaches a point where he feels he has to take a stand, and strikes her with whatever happens to be available. Justified.

It is only at the point where he continues to strike after the threat has been neutralized that he has crossed the line. If his colleague had grabbed/tackled him at the point where he steps in front of the Coke machine, he probably would not have been arrested.


Yeah.....at first he was like..."Self defense"...and then he was totally like "time to whoop that ass"....and eventually graduated to "I think I'm going to kill the both of you." Yeah...it wasn't self defense anymore because according to the video evidence, the threat was neutralized, although he could argue that they continued attacking him behind the counter, what the video couldn't see. But according to the reactions of his fellow employees, that wasn't the case.

Sorry, more jail. :frowning:


That's BS. The real problem there was again the entitled raging heifer who thought she could get away with physical violence....and then got surprised.

You stop that by NOT raising anymore entitled heifers.


Now, one thing I do notice is those women were not going to stop coming at him. They had already shown tht by continuing to rush him even after he tried to defend himself.

The only way out was to hit them or get beat up by two girls because they trapped him also.

If that were all guys, no one would be batting an eye at this.


Yeah I agree with this. Too far.

Legally I think he's doesn't have justification. But--I'm torn on what I think it should be ideally because I don't know how much responsibility an attacker should bear on the response of someone who absolutely loses control. They caused the person who loses it to get into a state of mind where they were going to go overboard and I think some people can't get into a violent situation and not lose it. But there has to be limits on what is justifiable otherwise you can rationalize a beating to death for any confrontation that might be slightly threatening and that's not reasonable.


He had a right to defend himself, but it did get a little excessive when he kept hitting them while they were on the ground.



And for those of you who said he went too far when he kept hitting them:

  1. You have no clue WHAT they were doing behind the counter. How do you know they weren't continuing to try to get up?

  2. You bring up "neutralizing" the threat. Anyone crazy enough to jump the counter doesn't deserve a reprieve. There are only two ways you can be assured the threat is neutralized in that situation, make sure they are unconcious and/or unable to move or kill them.

And I agree, someone should have punched that dumb blonde slag. Common sense says that two people without uniforms have no business on that side of the counter.


That man's life was in danger by TWO different attackers. Who gives a shit what sex they were? They were out to hurt him and had already shown it. he ended the threat. They are both still alive.

What is the issue?

Would anyone here be saying the same if the attackers were both guys and the cashier was a woman?

Nope...and that's bullshit.


I'm going to call bullshit on that. I thought it was a guy being beaten watching the video and it wasn't until I read comments that I realized it wasn't. My disgust at the violent overreaction is the same. (My disgust isn't blame--just a normal reaction to excessive violence)