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Excessive Night Sweats

I’ve been reading the past few forums about it, using the search function excessively, but are any of you getting night sweats when you clean up your diet?

I was off the gym for about six months, but I’ve been actively in it again. Deadlifts, PCs, etc. etc. I’m presuming that T productions are spiking.

After cleaning my diet, and taking in a lot more protein shakes a day, I’ve noticed that when I sleep, I’m having excessive night sweats. This normally doesn’t happen. It’s also causing me some trouble sleeping. A few sits on the Internet refer to it as a hormonal imbalance. My question is, does it ever then become balanced?

Did any of you encounter this problem before? Does it go away over time?

It’s probably your body clearing out toxins. You may have noticed the same thing when you’ve had an infection. Similar process.

Up your water intake. Perhaps consider buying/renting a water ionizer - the alkaline water clears out toxins very fast.

In addition, these work well: