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Excessive Music Fine



She violated the copyright laws on 24 songs and now has to pay $80,000 per song? That seems pretty absurd to me.


Well the warning over here is you could face jail and/or an "unlimited" fine. So i guess its relative to who you violate copyright from.


Yeah, it's an absurd amount to fine someone who realistically won't pay that off in their lifetime.

The Pirate Party in Sweden has the right idea.


Exactly. She already said that she's 'not going to worry about it right now' anyway.


when's the last time Justin Timberlake or 50 cent were struggling for money because of online music downloads.


You can record a songs off the radio all day long and not be a problem right?


Excessive, yes.

But she should have known the risk of sharing the songs.


True. I've used Kazaa a few times and I somewhat believe her when she said that she didn't share music. It's an option that is defaulted in the program. So she may have been telling the truth as far as not knowing. But yes, the disclaimer is on the program when you open it.


sounds like the court forgot about the 8th amendment.


you can make effectively infinite copies of digital files at almost no cost. that means the value of a single file is zero. a flash drive with 1000 copies of one song is not worth $1000. i don't know why the jury decided to award $80k per song for something that is worth $0.


this is fucking ridiculous..

also id like to see the songs she downloaded


I think it has more to do with the fact that being connected to a file sharing program allowed others to get said songs from her. They aren't just mad about her downloading the songs, but also indirectly allowing others to download them as well.

But seriously, who the fuck uses Kazaa to get music? That's just asking to get busted.


That's why I don't seed. :slightly_smiling:


tbh i stopped downloading stuff about 6 months ago...

i just don't feel safe on the net anymore...


I use torrents every now and then, but mainly i get mine by buying it or off of other internet message boards.


I have to question the intelligence of some people these days.

80,000? Really? For music that's probably been over synthesized and over produced and is just plain crap.

Anything I get these days I buy because the bands are pretty small fish, but it's that kind of absurdity that also makes me feel better about buying stuff.