Excessive Burping Upon Exercise

my problem is whenever i do some exercise (weights/cardio,HIIT) i get what can only be described as alot of gas/wind buildup in my stomach which ends in alot of burping or farting! not only is the farting really embarrassing at the gym but the feleing of being ‘bloated’ and the burping is really annoying.

im only 26 and this has been going on for a few years now. your first thought that maybe it has to do with my diet, but it makes no difference what/how/when i eat with respect to when i exercise , same thing always happens.

been following a low carb diet for several years now, about 30-40g carbs per day. it makes no difference if i have eaten 1 hour before exercise or exercise first thing in morning on an empty stomach on the back of a 12hour overnight fast, the gas production immediately commences upon intense exercise.

sigh, what is the damn problem?

supplements i take are

HOT-ROX extreme (i know this can cause burps but my problem still happens when i dont take them)
fish oil ~ 10g/day
cheap multi

drink (more) water during your work outs.

Try HCL with your high-protein meals.

Does this occur outside of the gym?

If not, then you are probably just swallowing a lot of air, and need to control your breathing more while you exercise.

I used to get the burping when younger, still do occasionally. It’s like a need to get rid of some air. The tightness in the torso whe doing certain big exercises can do it, may explain the farting too! I never suffered that one.

I think breathing may be a factor, i breath a bit better mid exercise now than i used to, perhaps you’re gulping air.

Never had the farting issue, but I do burp a lot when training.

It’s simply because I’m breathing hard and swallowing lots of air, which is most certainly the same with you.

I love this, it provides entertainment between sets. These tend to be nice loud and smelly burps. Fun to share with your gym compatriots.