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Excessive Bloat

since starting the Growth Surge Project Part 2 and eating crazy again, i’m getting a crazy stomach bloat after meals. this is really annoying. it happens almost every time after a meal. right now, the plan is 8 meals, each about 800 cals and 2 of them 600 cals. the bloat prevents me from eating my required number of meals even though i’m hungry. what should i take to get rid of this bloat? and no, i’m not consuming too much dairy, i get enough fiber, enough water, etc.

Three things may help: 1) Drink even more water. Most people think they’re getting enough, but really aren’t. Drink water before, during and after meals. 2) Are all of these solid meals? Add a few liquid meals for faster absorption. (MRPs, AP with skim milk etc) 3) This sounds simple but it’s very true- chew your food more. Read my article called “Bodybuilder, Heal Thyself” and read what Dr. Kinakin has to say about this. Very interesting stuff. He also talks about digestive enzymes, which may help. I like probiotics myself.

If none of that helps, then just do your best. You’ll get used to the higher intake sooner or later. One thing that helps me is to increase the amount of food in each meal rather than adding more meals. I still eat around 6 times a day, but the portions are larger. I like this better than eating 8 times per day.

Yet another idea is to go for more calorically dense foods. Lower fat choices may also help.

thanks Chris. I tend to only drink water before and after but not during because i eat less if i drink during meals. i do chew enough when they are solid meals, even though a half my meals are mostly liquid meals. i think i’ll try a digestive enzyme route. i just don’t know which to take. would it be counterproductive to take acidopholus, a protein digestant, and another enzyme thing. seriously, i feel pregnant sometimes and this needs to stop!!

Scott do you find yourself getting bloated only after certain meals or all of them? If you have any food sensitivities one major symptom of that is excessive bloating, gas, slowed digestion etc. Many of the foods bodybuilders eat often are also foods that one can become sensitive to quite easily…ex. eggs, cheese, wheat, grain, potatoes, oatmeal, and a lot of people are sensitive to protein powders. You might have to experiment around and find out which foods you can tolerate. Animal proteins (except eggs) usually aren’t a problem but you have to find the right carb sources. Of the common complex carbs eaten by bodybuilders rice and yams typically cause the least problems. If youre problem is just bad or slow digestion then the probiotics, digestive enzymes, glutamine, and hydrochloric acid supplementation all work well.

In an old Gang of Five article, Issue 136, three of four experts were generally skeptical about digestive enzymes. Berardi conceded the following: “…Unless you can find a good enteric coated digestive enzyme complex, you probably won’t get enough benefit from regular digestive enzymes to justify the cost.” Chris, are you aware of a good enteric digestive enzyme? Are such things available over the counter? Thanks.

Sorry, I’ve never used digestive enzymes. I’ve had some very smart people tell me they’re worthless and some very smart people tell me they should be used daily. Dr. Kinakin seems to really like them, others aren’t so sure. I do like probiotics though and use them quite often. There doesn’t seem to be a difference in quality among brands.

Kelly brings up a good point re food allergies. A lot of people don’t realise they have them and keep eating foods that make them feel bloated. I have a wheat allergy so I have first hand experience.
Even though I have stopped eating wheat, I do find the calorie requirements on Massive Eating do make me feel full all the time and a little bloated. I take Solary digestive enzymes capsules to help me digest the extra food. They seem to work better than any other digestive capsule I have ever tried.