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Excess Skin, Rapid Weight Loss


Greetings all,

I have just signed up on T-Nation and I am very very impressed with the intellectual and physical qualities of this site.

My situation and questions are summarized in the following.

Roughly 3 years agao I was a Fat kid. 300 Pound Offensive lineman with a max press of 330. This wasn't getting me anywhere, no girls, no sex, no nothing. I decided to cut weight, better myself physically and mentaly in the process. Senior year in high school i started at 270 lbs, large body fat percentage and worked down to a comfortable 205 by prom time. I have kept this weight and working out for my first year of university yet there is one thing i can't shake.

My rapid weight loss has left me with a tonned upper body and lower body but a messy midsection, i have been increasing the a mount of abs repetitions to 480 reps (60 reps per excersize) per day. I still have what appears to be flabby excess skin. I have been trying to get rid of this since my Freshman year at University. I continue to do cardio.

Any thoughts? Help please.



Im in the same boat as you. I went from 300lbs to 170 lbs. The loose skin thing doesnt get better. The only option you have if it is in face loose skin is plastic surgery. There isnt anything you can do to get elasticity in your skin again.



Aww man, thats not the kinda news i wanna hear. I'll just keep up with the rugby and the side cardo. Perhaps some CLA will help aswell.



Are you sure there is no otherway to tone up the midsection? ANyone?


Unfortunately, as Chris Shugart says frequently, this excess skin can't be dieted or trained off. It is damaged from being overly stretched in your "big" stage. It's kind of like trying to get the elastic of your old stretched-out underwear from your fat days to fit you now. It needs to be cut and re-sewn.

I'm sorry this isn't the news you wanted to hear, but it's true. Congrats on the physique transformation, though. It's always good to see a success story of these sorts.


if you are young it should re absorb itself over time at least thats what doctors told me, but that was with slow weight loss which im doing im not sure if the same would apply to that kind of rapid weight loss


Couple things-

You were only at ~300lbs. Probably not enough to generate a large amount of damaged skin. Chances are you just still have some fat to lose. It should tighten up some. The mid-section is that absolute last place you'll lose it from.

You cannot spot reduce your midsection. If you could we'd all have six-packs. You should consider the new HOT-ROX Extreme though, it contains an ingredient that may aid in reducing your mid-section some.

If all else fails you might require surgery. I would give it a couple years to see how much naturally tightens up.

Good luck!


Thanks for the tips. I appreciate it.