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Excess Skin Help?!

I am young (22 years) and I had dramatic weight loss around 7 years ago were I dropped a little more than 100 pounds. I have yo-yoed until just the past 1 1/2 years. I still have significant loose skin around my abdominal area. I look pretty good with clothes, but I am embarrassed to take my shirt off.

I have been doing Mens Health Homegrown Muscle for some time and I am getting some gains, but loose skin still exists. I am in great need of help from you all.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. Let me know if pix would help. Thanks!

With that much weightloss your skin has been stretched to the point to where I would most likely say it’s not going to get back to a point that you want. Obviously, keep working hard, but the elasticity of it is shot.

I’ve had a client who lost over 200 lbs and she got to a point where she talked to her doctor about it and cosmetic surgery. It’s expensive, but there are several different payment options that can help damper the cost.

So even with still being fairly young there is little chance? Any ideas on costs of the tummy tuck surgery? Is it possible for a sub $6k?

Honestly, I don’t know the cost, nor do I want it to come off to say that you can’t improve your current condition by giving it some time. That’s something that a cosmetic surgeon would have more knowledge on (a vested one for sure though).

If you want I can ask my former client about the costs. Just shoot me a PM in a few days, as I’m sure I’ll forget this post.

Since you are so young, your skin can still bounce back. Read this thread


It’s an inspiring story and the guy overcame loose skin issues. He posted a few tips and you could PM him for more.

Good luck, and keep us posted!

Insurance will cover a “tummy tuck” if there is a medical reason. IF you get a rash under the skin there, you can get it covered. Discuss it with your doctor, he may be able to help you.

Generally, once skink has bee stretched to that degree, the liklihood of it going back to normal is low. Any tips you can get that sound reasosnable are worth a try.

MOre than likely you have two choices as do I. Get BIG, Build some muscle and it will pull that skin tighter, and surgery. Thats a lot of weight you lost it sucks but its ture that much isnt likely to tighten up.

Nice work,

I appreciate the help everyone, I really do. I read the article that was recommened and I think it provided some useful tips. Anyone else heard that tanning can help tighten skin? The article seemed to suggest that this was the case, but I thought it might have the converse effect.

Any advice on what caloric intake I should have or a great workout program? Thanks!

dry skin brushing is supposed to do wonders for your skin.

Teresa Tapp has developed a specific skin brushing program that is supposed to firm up loose skin and also calls for supplementing with alfalfa.

Worth a try before spending loads of money on a surgery…

Under quick links hit
skin care and cellulite control

P.S.- You would have to be patient w/ this method as it will take some time.

The cost depends on where you live. A tummy tuck in NH is around $6k. Even if the insurance covers the cost (vary rare), some plastic surgeons will not deal with insurance companies.

Check out the website www.makemeheal.com. You can see some before and after pictures.

Good luck!