Excess Skin After Major Weight Loss

Okay so… I lost over 160 Lbs… now I didn’t know when I started to take it slow so I did it pretty quickly over the last 2 years… I’m really hoping to avoid having excess skin sagging all over the place… Now I’m still not at my goal and won’t be for another couple years probably… my goal has somehow morphed into wanting to look like the rock (I know I KNOW I’ve got a long way to go). So with all that being said… after I tone up and lose another 20 Lbs or so of fat (which I will then build back on in muscle) do you think I will have a problem with sagging skin?

any advice to help it regain it’s elasticity?

ehhh, yeah, man. If that’s a photo of you then I think you probably will…

Looks like you have a lot of room for lower back and ab muscles to grow into.