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Excess Red Meat/Eggs & Health


Lets just say that you were told to eat 6 meals a day, all of which had to include at least 70 grams of protein per meal, in order to meet your requirement of 2g protein per lbs of body mass.

You were told that red meat high in omega 3 (so, game meat) was what you needed to have pretty much every meal. Fish and omega-3 eggs are also okay.

I've been doing it for a week and been getting calipered. I've shred fat, gained small amount of muscle, never feel hungry. Although, all the lecturers i've ever attended on diet a nutrition tell me this will bump up risks of CVD.

Anyone who has a sound knowledge in the field able to comment on the long term health impact this diet would entail?
Would appreciate it : )


Fatty meats and eggs are great for most healthy people. Make your typical fat slob eat a few eggs a day and he'll have a heart attack at the age of 45.

A healthy high-fat, low-carb diet can lower cholesterol and/or reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It can also have the opposite effect if you're predisposed to that sort of thing.

If you're really concerned, keep an eye on your blood work.


Make sure your GP understand the difference between good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL) that's for sure as the useless ones freak out when they see these things.


Much appreciated, i'll get blood tested in a few weeks to double check.


Also remember most western GP's use the food pyramid to give nutritional advice. The food pyramid reccommends 6-11 serves of grains such as bread and pasta a day in order to be healthy. Australia is no.1 in the world for childhood obesity and our adults are second to the states for obesity so how's those 6 - 11 serves working out for us? Tell them your following a paleo diet. If they don't know what that is they have zero right to tell you what to eat.


"Nutrition" in the United States is a joke. I have taken an advanced nutrition class in college here in the states and was told by a licensed certified nutrition that if I did not consume ATLEAST 50g of carbs in a day that my body would not be able function. My brain would simply shut down and I would be unable to survive...

Another example.,.,. A guest speaker from who knows where was talking about the importnace of breakfast(this is advanced nutrition class...cutting edge stuff here) and recommened a bagel with peanut butter or cream cheese & orange juice as a great way to start the day because it has carbs, grains, and fruit...three things that are apparently vital. I asked if this recommendation would stand for someone who is overweight, I was answered "well, i might swap the peanut butter for the reduced fat version or the cream cheese for a fat free version."

i about fell out of my chair in disbelief.

so like i said nutrition in the United States is a joke. Do your own research. Keep eating your healthy meat and eggs. Keep losing fat. Keep gaining muscle.


I hear shit like that all the time on this site. I don't know what I would do if I was in that class. I'd be more outraged by seeing others take notes on that shit as if the teacher was actually right. That's the scary part; that others are gonna take info from lectures like that and implement it.

OP: like others said, bottom line is get your blood work done regularly. Maybe 2x a year or at least once a year. I've been on a low carb diet for well over a year now and my blood work is awesome; cholesterol, tri's, etc.
My tri's were actually 37; not sure if that is too low or what but it's the exact opposite of my dad's which is like 700 or some shit. Literally off the charts.


About half of the people who die of a heart attack have normal cholesterol levels. So, it's not so clear that a high cholesterol diet or high blood cholesterol levels cause CVD (see the MONICA study by the WHO).

On that note, of the few lab test results I have seen, high LDL and triglycerides are almost always accompanied by elevated fasting glucose and hemoglobin A1c. The latter indicate a diet high in refined carbohydrates (i.e. a low fat, high carb diet recommended by most doctors and nutritionists).


I hear ya. Every time I get a physical from the #1 air force in the world they tell me I eat way too much red meat. Then my blood work comes in and I'm the healthiest person they've seen in a month, my tri's were 40 the last time, and they're completely baffeled! Gotta love it...


My tri's went from almost 200 to 48 when I stopped eating processed carbs and increased my protein intake, with red meat a significant portion of that protein.


Same here. And I love the looks I get when I tell people I'm adding fats to my meals on purpose. A bit of coconut oil could to the entire country some good. Not to mention a decent fish oil. But ignorance is bliss from what I hear...


I feel too lazy right now to search for references, but I've been on High fat/Low carb diet more than three years now and I've read a lot about it. Besides, I feel a ton better with this diet, rather than the high carb thing.

I'm pretty sure there is research done on the following:
-the reason for high cholesterol is mainly genetic.
-healthy fats negate the bad effects of saturated fats.

Recently, I notice a lot of articles about a possible link between a high carb diet and cancer, but I think it's just theories so far. However, considering that cancer cells utilize a lot of energy and mainly from carbs, this might have some merit.


I'd like to think my lecturers are not complete idiots, rather i'd hope they're not.

My lecturer who takes classes on psychosocial factors affecting health and nutrition played an 18 minute video by Dean Ornish, MD.

Feel free to do a search on him. A good summary of what he basically says is posted on this site

Here is a snippet from the site - its what they teach med students these days.

These should be avoided:

* Meat of all kinds -- red and white, fish and fowl (if we can't give up meat, we should at least eat as little as possible)
* Oils and oil-containing products, such as margarine and most salad dressings
* Avocados
* Olives
* Nuts and seeds
* Dairy products (other than the nonfat ones above)
* Sugar and simple sugar derivatives -- honey, molasses, corn syrup, and high-fructose syrup
* Alcohol
* Anything commercially prepared that has more than two grams of fat per serving


No advocados, nuts or seeds as well as red meat =/


This is disturbing.


If you want to read a brilliant indictment of the Food Pyramid, the Cholesterol myth, etc, etc, read Gary Taubes, "Good Calories, Bad Calories". He is a New York Times science writer who really digs deep into where the myths surrounding cholesterol come from.

You come to learn that the cholesterol theory of heart disease was the pet of one researcher who threw out most of the large scale studies on cholesterol that did not support his theory. The book isn't a real easy read, but it is in-depth and you really get to see what a sham a lot of the "truths" of official medicine are.


Excess Red Meat and Eggs? Is there such a thing?

Um, then what exactly ARE we supposed to eat?


That's my entire diet right there.

And Dean Ornish is a shithead.


Yep, thats pretty much my diet as well, however Ornish has got plenty of studies to back his data up, so although you and I would like to dismiss him as a shithead because he is telling us what we do not want to hear, that doesn't make what he preaches any less valid.

The lecturer who introduced my cohort to some of Ornish's ideas is a stickler for evidence based practice as well.

I'm not trying to undermine any of T-Nation's members ability to review evidence based practice, but my lecturer is well known in my state for his contribution to health sciences. He is employed to peer review various studies and has published plenty of his own.

My point is, he wouldn't endorse Ornish unless he was convinced by the evidence of the studies.

Thus the issue (in my mind) still stands; are we thickening our arteries just so we may move iron through horizontal and vertical planes of air?


Feel free to post the studies supporting the notion that meats, nuts and oils are unhealthy.


Obviously, this is fucking retarded.

Did you say anything to this moron after class? I honestly think you should have.

Hell, after he said that, I'd have probably got up and left. Mind boggling.