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Excess Post-exercise oxygen consumption


I am trying to sort out what is what when it comes to training for the greatest E.P.O.C., Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. One study states pretty convincingly that the EPOC was directly influenced by intensity, moreso than the increase would indicate, double load would yield better than 2x EPOC. Another study indicated that familiarity with the exercise caused a decrease in EPOC. Would outright changes in exercise be necessary or would increasing the load make an exercise unfamiliar enough? I know load would have a lot to do, with the quantity of work being a major contributor. That is, deadlifting 100 lbs, no great task, for 10 reps, this would produce more energy expenditure during and after than 15 lb concentration curls for 10 reps. You get crazy ideas like this when you type in different EPOC, abbreviated and expanded, keywords in google along with insomnia.