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Excess gas

does anyone else experience gas that could peel paint when eating high cals/ high protein diets. im eating about 4000 cals a day with 180 of them coming from protein and find myself farting an awful lot. i eat clean, its not pizza or beer farts, i feel like im farting off excess protein or something…could this be hindering me from putting on weight. i heard pineapple juice helps protein digestion but doesnt seem to be helping me out a lot. anyone else experience this and know of a weigh to deal with it…i guess i probably should do a better job spacing out my intake

try papaya enzyme, works for me - has bromelain (which is in pineapple) and some other good chemicals. It won’t hinder you putting on weight if you have excess gas. You just need to condition your digestive tract. Oh yeah, and if you have a hot date, try BEANO.

Yeah, I am blowing my work up with all the gas and shits… I am taking 3-400 grams of protien a day and it is a killer.


Use higher quality proteins. Cheap whey amnd milk proteins are the worst offenders. Most likely your are using a low quality protein. Also try digestive enzymes, I think they do help when taking in large amounts of protein.

Yeah, protein farts are killer. Try a product called Omnigest-EZ. It’s a digestive enzyme and it helps aid the digestion and absorption of the protein. Also gets rid of bloating and gas. take one pill before you drink your protein. You can get it at a drugstore, Walmart etc

This is your chance for stardom: learn how to fart out a tune and then you can appear on Howard Stern. okay, I’m kidding - but I do think the quality of the protein being consumed makes a difference. But I believe your body does learn to adjust and this “issue” will correct itself.

Been there too. I use cheap Whey and tried a “better” blend once which made things worse! I’m not a gas or protein scientist but by making sure my water intake is way up and spaced throughout the day helps me quite a bit.
I also add more water to my shakes than suggested, kills the taste but better that than killing everything withing a 2 mile radius
Good Luck!

I think gas is fun. The best is when you rip one in an elevator and then leave. But there is a product called “Bean-O” It is supposed to add an enzyme that prevents gas…It’s at your local drug store give it a shot.

I agree with most ppl here, I used to rely on cheaper whey and milk protien based powders, they used to make my tummy rumble and i used to have the shits quite often when i was on them. But i have switched to a more expensive brand of whey protein and i have found that i do fart a lot less. Also do increase your fluid intake as well, as i find it helps with the digestion. Also try to have the protien drinks with some solid foods, as this lessens the chance of developing gas. As for when u’re having a hot date, try to have the shakes earlier and have some solid food before u set of on your date.