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Excess Fiber = Malabsorption

I have a question regarding fiber intake and malabsorbtion.

I eat a lot of fiber, (apples, oatmeals, flaxseed, and the list goes on.) Would too much fiber cause a malabsorption of nutrients such as protein and aminos to my body.

i always speculated this because i seem to have a couple of symptoms of this such as floating stools etc. And i couldnt guess it could be anything but this.

I’m gaining a good amount of weight weekly though, but all in all that is just calories in and calories out.

What are your opinions on this?

I thought I’d always heard that a “floater” was a good thing?

No really protein, but vits and mins, particularly supplements. If you take vitamins for example for oatmeal you might have trouble absorbing some because of the fibre.

Then again before people get hung up on that, they should realise most minerals compete for absorption and sort the timing of those out first.

Fiber slows down digestion of certain foods. So I think it’s unlikely it would lead to a decreased absorption rate. It’s likely it could aid in increasing it. I don’t have, or know of, any science to back that up. Just thinking about it logically.