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Excess Body Hair

I am curious, I am much hairier than my siblings and Father. I have never used steroids although I have lifted while they have not. Are there actions that I took sometime in my life that led me to be hairier than I should?

I just read how excess insulin can sometimes do this because super-fine body hairs have insulin receptors. Could you insulin resistant?

Also, what’s your diet like? Anything you eat a real lot of?

Was the milkman hairy?

It’s a by product of all that masturbation.

Yes, perhaps it was excess caffeine. I don’t know about jacking off though.

caffeine is high. Fuck.

Could it be that I also got fatter when I started relying on diet soda and coffee?

Genetics, man. I’m hairier than my Dad but I lift and he never did. My Bro can barely grow facial hair but I could shave twice a day. (I don’t, but I could). High T contributes I think. I don’t mind the chest hair, but the back and butt hair is kinda gross, Sasquatch like.

But who ya gonna blame?


DHT (reduced form of testosterone) is responsible for secondary sex characteristics such as this.

Maybe you have heightened levels of 5 alpha reductase or something. I really don’t know.

Lifting > More testosterone > More DHT??

Basically, buy yourself a good razor.

You’ll need it… a lot :frowning:

just cuz your parents and family arent hairy doesnt mean you didnt get an odd combo of genes that made you hairy. im more hairy than my old man, grandfather and uncle- combined. just one drawback of the genetic lottery.

You could wax if it really bothers you.

It doesn’t bother me at all. I stay warmer in the winter. My wife on the other hand, would prefer me a little less hairy.


Well it does bother me a bit, but it is unusual my 2 brothers are not apes. Some differences between us is trhat I lifted but also drank large amounts of caffeine - very very large - you would not believe it. The fat gain could be attributed to this as well. I always thought I had more testosterone than they did. Maybe thats why many horny wops get hairy.