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Excersices To Fight Imbalance

MY upper body is much more favourable to my right side. Whenever I bench my right side does most of the work, whenever I perform a Bent-over row my Right side does most of the work. I have been tried DB Bent-over Rows and DB Bench press to correct this but It doesnt seem to be helping.
Any suggestions?

foam roller
one limb at a time
consider increasing work on weak side

How could dumbbells not help? They’re absolutely effective in giving your weaker side the same workout as the stronger.

Just hold a dumbbell in each hand simultaneously, so you’re assured of doing an equal number of reps. Or do one side at a time, starting with the weak side. Count the number of reps you perform with that side and repeat for the stronger side.

If your form is sloppy on the weak side, but good on the strong side, you’re either using too much weight or not concentrating enough. Fix this.

In time you’ll see the weak side catching up, while growth in the strong side is mildly retarded. But in a good way.

How long have you been doing this for?