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Excercises for Strained Oblique

Hi all, I looked around for oblique injuries but found a few people posting about it but nothing about recovery.

I’m looking for some well advice from others who’ve had it and some exercises to help start healing.

I just strained mine a week ago, up in my back near where it connects to the ribs. Actually I think I injured it 3 weeks ago, I felt pain there doing some oblique crunches, but the pain went away the next day. Then it came back last tues while doing side lunges (i think I just let my core go and did one with bad form, well obviously ).

Up until 3 days ago I could barely even walk, and stairs felt like a knife in my side. Finally the muscle relaxers and alternating icing and heating made it so I can at least get around.

So the past 2 days I tried to exercise a little since I felt like crap sitting around icing and heating.

The excercises I was trying (off the floor):
oblique crunches
medicine ball oblique twists (these hurt more so maybe they’re out)

That was all I could think of.

Other than that I can go on about 2 mile walks with my dog.

Basically when I do the above I can only do a few reps of each then have to rest a few minutes due to it tightening up, then a few more reps, then give up and ice it then later apply heat and try to stretch a little. So… I’m thinking maybe it’s too soon to start and should hold off another few days? I have tons of old injuries due to pushing too hard when young and this one would suck to add to it.

Anything more than the above is too painful due to just engaging your core to provide a solid platform for leverage. So no benches or shoulder presses, sure as hell no back or leg work (I already tried with some light dbs ).

In my googling I haven’t found much in the way of what I should be doing besides I read in a few places the #1 thing people do wrong after an oblique strain is get back to work too soon. I was reading about pro baseball players and an oblique strain to them means they’re out for a month.

I am so pissed. I was just starting to see changes and improvements… argh!!!

I actually found something, Cressey’s article today on lower back inspired me to try looking up his site and found this under the baseball section (since baseball players get a lot of oblique trouble)


It seems my bad hip mobility and weak glutes may contribute to this as much as it may contribute to my ITBS. Or maybe not I’m just self diagnosing here.

It is so frustrating no sports doctor I talk to seems to know jack about fixing problems. And of course a problem in your core or back just stops you in your tracks.