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Excercises for Lower Back Injury?


Dear all,

I have a question with regards to lower back injury...just a quick run through. Have reaggravated a possible injury from the past in my lower back (right in the middle of the spinal area, where the lower back meets the top of the gluteus area. I don't think it is a muscle injury, but may or may not be a joint or connective tissure problem.

I only feel slight 'uncomfortableness' when I am sitting and bending down a bit, especially when I am in a sitting position and leaning forward to read the newspaper.

I believe it may have been caused by excessive strain due to heavy deadlifts and/or squats...

I do not want to aggravate the condition, so I am planning to take lay off the deads and possibly squats.

Would it be alright to continue working on my legs using heavy leg-presses and leg extensions? Are leg-presses alright to do (of course, with proper form and not lifting your butt)?

Any suggestions anyone?


Wow, id also like to know some information about this. I have the same exact problem. Pinching spinal pain when i bend a certain way.


Holy crap I have/had the exact same thing.

About the pain you feel sitting and leaning forward. Don't do it! Not a position your lower back likes to be in, healthy or not.

Don't know about you but my pain is very minor. Doing deadlifts has not caused a problem, in fact they may be helping. But that's just me.

I originally got the problem from bent-over-rows. It was an acute thing.


The problem is actually a spot along the spine (not muscular area)several inches above the tail-bone...

Now I think about it, it may have been caused by stiff-leg deadlifts?

If any one knows which exercises are alright?


My suggestion would be dont do a damn thing untill you have a doc look at it.Any pain in the bacjk that last longer than one day deserves to be looked at to see what the REAL problem is.

Dont dodge it. Solve it and come back full force once it is haled.

Just my opinion,.


Leg presses put a lot of pressue on the entire spine. Think about it: you're basically wedging yourself between the pad and 500+ lbs. I don't do them at all for this very reason. In my opinion, you'd be better off with squats, though laying off deads is a good idea. If you want to be very safe, try DB squats. They will give you a fierce quad workout while protecting your back.

I also suffer from lower back pain and know a multitude of ways in which it can be addressed, but my problems are soft-tissue related (or so I think, anyways).