'Except on the West Coast...'

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California is definately better than Boston…its actually cheaper too. you guys have great weather and some alright beaches but thats really it oh and when i was in LA i saw at least 10 Bentleys a day.

Hollywood is pretty cool though.

Dude, didn’t you just turn 21? How do you know what there is to do in CA when you’re just a kid.[/quote]

He hasn’t even had a chance to enjoy his own city yet.

Boston is full of so many colleges, which means so much hot college poon it’s unreal. But I guess it all goes back to his sick of not having a social life thread.

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dont talk to me about darkness. do you know what time it gets dark in MA? 4 o’fucking clock …ok its like 5 right now but thats cause we’re only in November.

Haha I forgot about how early it gets dark up there. It’s been a few years now.

California is definately better than Boston

No. Boston was the coolest place I’ve lived, and I’ve lived all over the country. I’d move back in a heartbeat if I had the chance.

Well, no shit. You live in Texas. I can think of 49 states better than that place.[/quote]

I’m sure.

I actually like Dallas (where I live), and Austin is cool, but I’d prefer New England. I don’t dig California at all. Nice to visit, but I would never live there.

I find that most people who claim a blanket dislike for California really haven’t spent much time in it or been around it much. CA is probably the most diverse state in the union both geographically and culturally. There are cities, suburbs, rural pastures, farms, empty spaces, mountains, snow, winter sports, deserts, forests, rivers, lakes, a long ass coast, predominantly white areas, predominantly black areas, predominantly asian areas, predominantly hispanic areas, some of the most right wing republican areas in the country and some of the most liberal beyond-democrat areas of the US.

It’s not all LA or really anything like LA (fortunately).