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Excellent Training "Guru"



A few bits and pieces from his site:

You see, I get approached at least 2-3 times per week on how I stay so fit. I'm certainly not an overly muscular guy (that is because I know that women find too much muscle a turnoff). I'm probably one of the few guys in the gym that has a build similar to a Hollywood sex symbol, not too big, not too small, and very toned! Yeah, I know I don't have the "Hollywood Looks", but oh well.

Even if You Do Want to Gain Muscle, NFL Football Workouts Will Give You an Unbalanced Body
NFL Football players hit squats, deadlifts, and bench presses like crazy. The problem with these lifts is that they are very effective at putting on muscle mass! Have I gone completely mad? No�?�these lifts in my opinion ruin the look of a masculine looking physique.
Squats, Deadlifts, and Bench Presses Give You Curves in the Wrong Places
Squats and deadlifts widen the hips and build up the butt and upper thighs. This makes your physique look feminine! Bench presses build the lower pecs too quickly and give them a rounded look as well. Too much time bench pressing makes your pecs look like breasts. Here is an article I wrote which will prevent that from happening:

Here is the problem with the advice of eating 6 small meals, or eating every few hours�?�you never allow your body to run out of "carbohydrate energy". Your body will burn all the available energy from the food it eats before it touches any fat on your body. So if you are eating all the time and always have calories in your system, you will lose very little body fat.

What if You Feel "Light-Headed" or Weak if You Don't Eat Every Few Hours?
The reason for this is that your body sucks at using its fat reserves for energy! If it was efficient at using fat for energy, you wouldn't feel weak or light-headed�?�you would be full of energy.

I don't believe in damaging a muscle when you are going for tone. If you want to build muscle mass (which I don't), then you want to do enough volume of lifts to induce a bit of damage�?�then you want to allow the muscles enough time to recover to rebuild themselves a bit bigger than they were before. If you are going for tone�?�you want to do less sets and volume so you don't damage the muscles, since you are not damaging the muscles you can work those same muscles out more often.


I'll be sure to look him up if I ever decide to go for the douchebag/frat boy/clubber/king of mediocrity look.


This forum is about strength sports not about men who are afraid to squat and deadlift because, quote: "they will get curves like a girl".

Do us all a favour, please go away.


LMAO. This guy sucks. I hope the OP intended this as a joke, I feel stupid for not being able to tell.


I haven't finished reading all the blogs but this is some great stuff! Ho-lee shit. You can't make this up!


what are you talking about women love my well rounded ass. lmao


Yeah I've always thought Dave Tate had a very feminine physique...




Oh god.


Well - more power to him, but he's not somebody whose advice I'm likely to take...

To the OP: do you also plunge sharp sticks into hornet's nests? Wave the family's barking chihuahua at enraged skunks or tease wolverines?

What were you thinking?


Does it kind of look like he has pec implants?


Looks like someone spoke up against him already.



His physique isn't appealing, imo.


Looks to me like he's had liposuction as well.


looks like if he took his shorts off his saggy balls would hit the floor. this guy looks like he is dieing from cancer.....


The whole thing is entertaining, made my morning. Why would you come to a site like T-Nation & post that metro, wanna be a skinny guy crap is beyond me, but hey i guess it takes all kinds.


I do abs at night before bed. I don't do any direct leg training whatsoever. here's a post about that, by the way: Why Building Big Legs is a Waste of Time


Yes this is a joke. It was originally posted by benj4 on rosstraining.com.


If you cover up his head in the swimsuit picture, it looks like a female ultra distance runner.


I've been doing it all wrong!

Seriously? 2 or 3 people a week come up to him to ask him how he remains so "fit" ?? I think skinny is a better word. He looks like a "hollywood sex symbol" ?? Maybe a Bollywood sex symbol.

Its very obvious he only eats 1 meal a day and 2 small snacks. He has no 6-pick contrary to what he would love to tell us all, and his legs are anything but nicely built and toned. I hope he is in the 60-65 age range because thats what he looks like.

I think many of us start out in the "I'll work out to look good for girls" category, but soon progress onto the lifting for ourselves category, this man has not made the leap.


Answer to your questions is already in your post. Because it is hilarious.