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Excellent Info Resource


I have been perusing a very good site about Performance Enhancement - the site is:


It has some very useful and highly relevant information about all Ergogenic aids.. from AAS and peptides to (both hormonal and non-hormonal) supplements and diet. It is intellectual, moderately advanced and very useful indeed. I found it today.

The reason for this thread however is that they have a free E-Book about AAS. This is not some standard run-of-the-mill low down on each compound written by some 180lb med student, who has a working knowledge of the compounds followed by 'bulking on AAS diets tips' and 'Safe injection technique' articles. Far from it, it describes in detail the structural properties of Test, cell and molecule communication as well as enzymatic reactions and AR complexes, and as such is for the user who is slightly more advanced in their understanding than a newbie or steroid 'curious'.

Very cool for those looking to further their knowledge in the field.

Here is the link:





Thank you sir. Looks interesting. I’ve found my new toilet book haha.