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Excellent Books For Beginners?


I've been reading T-Nation for a while now and lots of the articles are great, but I sometimes find myself unable to fully understand the science or application of a workout. Basically I want to learn something a bit beyond the basics but not to complex. What would be some good books that most people on here would find pretty basic but not too chalenging for someone like me. Thanx.


I think Ian King's book Get Buffed would be a good choice. You will not need the different workouts that are in the back of the book just yet, since you are a beginner. However, the book does a great job of explaining many of the principals followed on T-Nation.


Mel Siffs' Supertraining and Zatsiorsky's Science and Practice of Strength Training would be good places to start, though they may give you more than what you want. You may also try Bompa's Serious Strength Training.


Pick up Art Drecshler's The Weightlifting Enclycopedia. Although the book is about Olympic Style weightlifting, it's one of the best all-around books you can buy - get it, read it, you'll learn a ton, and it's not terribly complex, nor is it boring for experienced lifters.


I think Thib's black book of training secrets is a winner


Arnolds encyc of Bodybuilding is great for a start


Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik


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You can also read a few good reviews on the T-library thread, here on T-Nation.


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Yup, I second this.

The "The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding" by Arnold Schwarzenegger is a fantastic book.

Great read, even my girlfriend read it and enjoyed it, too.

Here's a link to Chapters Online: