Excel Spreadsheet for Wendler's 5/3/1

There are several spreadsheets that have been made available for Wendler’s 5/3/1. I have one that can be downloaded at


This spreadsheet not only has a log for 5/3/1 but also stats for recording max reps by weight and charts to display how your estimated 1RMs are progressing. For the log, you need to copy the previous cycle’s sheet and add adjust your starting weight accordingly. I have included warm-up sets. You may want to adjust the percentages depending upon which version of 5/3/1 you are using. You will have to add your own assistance exercises to the log since there are so many options for that.

Feel free to post your estimed 1RM charts. To “easily” create images of the charts for uploading here, do a File|Save As in Excel and select web page, you will end up with 531.htm in your My Documents folder (by default) and all your images are saved in 531_files subfolder. You can delete the .htm file and the _files subfolder after uploading.

Wendler’s 5/3/1 eBook can be purchased at


Wow! 37 downloads in a matter of minutes. If everyone would PayPal me a buck, I could buy a month’s supply of whey protein ;).

Feel free to suggest changes but if I make updates, you’ll have to handle migrating your info to the newer versions.

Here’s one for Apple Numbers users. Change the number in the box to automatically change the required weights for the cycle.

Hope you don’t mind the lowish weights!

[quote]anakayub wrote:
Here’s one for Apple Numbers users. Change the number in the box to automatically change the required weights for the cycle…[/quote]

I’m all for letting Apple users have their own version but you could have started your own topic given that this topic is named “Excel Spreadsheet for Wendler’s 5/3/1”. If I were an Apple user who didn’t use Excel, I wouldn’t check this topic out.

True to that.

I’ll just make another topic if it’s not possible to change the topic name.

I have been thinking a bit about how I wanted to track stats like this, and this seems like a nice setup. Thanks much for sharing, and I hope to see how others have set up their own sheets.

Here is my Squat performance. I can post the others but they aren’t going as well.

Well, here’s mine. The drop in the DL in week six is when I had to workout in the morning and only did target reps. Squat and BP workouts were combined and I didn’t go all out on them.

After MP workout in week 7 I spent three days in a row drunk, which shows in the weights of that week.

Oh, and my real 1RMs were 50/160/90/130 kg before starting the program.

Nice results even with a three day drunk.

Thanks! One of the reasons I like the 5/3/1 is that it works remarkably well, even with sometimes rough student life. I study in a Finnish university of technology and the students here have been notorious drinkers for decades. That said, I’m not proud of the three day drunk and I made a decision to stay sober for this next cycle. Had the time of my life though!

Have you set any 1RM goals? My current goals are 3 plate bench, 4 plate squat and 5 plate deadlift, although I’ve yet to bench even 2 plates or deadlift 4. I have squatted 315 with knee wraps and a borrowed suit from a lifter two weight classes heavier. Still, I’d like to see at least two of those in a year.

Also, do you know a way to automatically extend the graph when you input new values, or do you have to define the value area by hand every time?

How come my dates are showing up squished? I input it month/day/year using only numbers in where the date is suppose to go.

The spreadsheet should be good for 10 cycles. To expand, you need to insert rows before the rows for the last cycle and make appropriate label changes.

You should enter actual dates and the chart should work. I believe that you can input the date format of your country and all should still work fine. If you enter date as a number, you could try reformatting the cells as dates to get the chart to weork again.

Thanks for the excel sheet, I really appreciate all your hard work. It will be nice to see the progression of the lifts. I was putting all my data in the personal blog of T-Nation but since they have added updates to the site. I don’t know if the personal blog will be still be there but with this excel sheet, it makes a nice addition to updating my 5/3/1 program. At least I have all the paper work to back up my progression :-).

Thanks for the spreadsheet. It’s amazing how much you improve when you know how many reps you need to improve your estimated 1 rep max before you get to the gym.

These are awesome! Thanks for the spreadsheets!!

I just started the Anabolic Diet earlier this week. Since it is a 10 year old diet, I am reading to see what tweaks are recommended nowadays. I don’t have enough funds for the Velocity Diet.

I’ll post charts showing my progress in a few weeks.

I just realized that if I am saving the Excel spreadsheet as a web page just to have it auto-create images ofr the charts, I could just as easily save the pages to the local version of my website. It then takes me about 15 seconds to publish the update.

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Same as fuzzyapple, the date are always one over each other!

crankMAN and Fuzzyapple,

All you did was open the spreadsheet and enter dates, reps and weights? What is your date format?