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Exceeding Fat Intake?


Do you follow the daily requirements of fat on the back of food labels? Because I think I am way exceeding my 'needs'. Is this bad?


No (depends). The needs on the back of food labels aren't customed tailored to "YOU". I wouldn't follow them at all.


Depending on your goals and your physique you might want to control the fat you eat, actually you have to control fat-carbs-prot, but usually fat for me, If Im bulking goes around 90 grams, a little less like 60 if Im cutting.


why don't you go ahead and read some of the hundreds of articles on this site rather than just joining the forum. you'll learn so much and feel better about life. lol.



Due to my targeted carb approach I usually consume in excess of 175g fat per day and still have abs. As stated, depends on your goals.


Just as others have stated it depends on your goals. Plus, as also mentioned, the labels aren't customized for you and your needs.

I am currently on an anabolic type diet and an consuming "large" amounts of fats. My body composition has changed a lot and I have dropped quite a bit of body fat.



gee, thanks man!