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Examples of 'Interesting' Training


I hope this thread provides some entertainment.

There are some good ones on my home computer (on my phone), but figured I'd share this one now. For the record, I've seen this particular gentleman do much sillier stuff IMO. Oh yeah, he's an MD and always more than willing (sort of insistent actually) to lecture other gym goers. Nice enough guy, but not sure what his goals are though.



His goal is clearly to get noticed by you Stu. I'd say he's doing a damn fine job.


Reminds me of this lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K3bYvtEZzE


How do you manage to get such great footage of the absurdity without being noticed? Maybe I'm just terrible at being discreet, but on several occasions at the gym when I attempted to record someone performing an exercise without being noticed, they definitely noticed and asked what I was doing!


Sit down and act like you are texting. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha maybe the sitting down is key, I've always tried to feign texting while standing conveniently nearby..


lol, the real trick is in pretending you're NOT doing what you're very obviously doing. I learned from sketching people in Central Park to appear to be quite oblivious when people think they're on to you. It's probably saved me from some major ass kickings in my day :slightly_smiling:

Here's another goody from my short stint at a NYSC when my old gym closed its doors a few years back. Gotta love that whole multi-tasking-to-save-training-time approach that seems to be everywhere these days.



That guy must have read SmashingWeight's post about muscle confusion! Didn't he mention breaking into sets of bicycles while benching? :wink:


I felt confused just watching the guy.



Haha love this stu.I would love to know their reason's behind these.That would make for a funny ass conversation.


And people wonder how this particular leg press moves itself back 5 ft by evening each day -lol

I couldn't get too close but this specific gym goer is about 5' tall, maybe 145 lbs, late 40s at least, and love to wear spandex while offering help to all the ladies on the gym floor.



Wow. Please tell me he knew that girl and didn't just ask her to "spot" him


Concentric training, lol.


That's hilarious. "Just move the weight" doesn't get any better than that.


All of those videos are fantastic Stu

This one has been doing the rounds on my facebook news feed today:


^ I've seen that one before, it's the old "one-plated fight against the cable machine", isn't it? I think it's supposed to work your stabilizing muscles.


He's an actor in real life, this was just him training for the boat pulling scene in Les Miserables.

(1500 milestone, ker-ching.)


I love this one, gotta have the volume turned on!


this thread is great! awesome footage Stu... At my old gym there was this one dude who was all over the place, I wish I would've recorded what he did... strangest exercises ever...


Couple years ago a kid was doing this at my gym except they were floor presses. Dropped the bar on his nose and the ambulance had to be called. A couple months later I saw him in one of my classes and he explained he was in the hospital for 1 month with a severe concussion broken nose/face and now his nose looked like he got beat up with a baseball bat.