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Examples of Exercises


Hey guys,

Is there a place or another web site that I can find drawn out examples of weight lifting excercises or actual clips of certain excercises. If so let me know.






One I know of is exrx.net (if this does not work try .org). Usually it is a teenage girl demonstrating the lifts, but she has good form, esp. the olympic lifts. U of W Lacross used to have a page also, but it seems like a dead now.








as mentioned above is one of the better ones.

Has some exercises, but you have to pretty much search by exercise name.


I like the way their index is set up. The video is good and the platforms and weights are great. BUT the form on the O lifts are complete crap. Those guys should do them right or get someone who can if they are going to use their videos as examples for others.

This one is better, not perfect, but much better:



There is some awefull form on this site just look at the 1-1/4 front squat and snatch grip DL video, ridiculous!


Little spoiler...

We are actually working on a huge system for this that will live here on T-Nation.com (along with some other highly-coveted tools). More info as it is made available...


Oh my lord, that 1-1/4 front squat is ridiculous