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Examples of Assistance vs Conditioning Work?


So I’m sure this is going to be super simplistic but I’ve been doing bodybuilding for a while and am switching over to strongman. I’m having a bit of difficulties narrowing down exercises for assistance work and conditioning work.

can you guys give me a few examples of each to enlighten me.
much appreciated


A lot of it is going to be personal preference and goal based. Some people prefer to do all their strongman/implement lifts on a dedicated training day and if that’s where you fall as well then the assistance lifts would just be the biggest bang for your buck ones and/or ones that work on your weak points. If you can give a breakdown of your current program I’m happy to give you my personal opinion, although I’m by far an expert on the subject but I do train and compete strongman myself


Here’s the second part to that it only let me post one picture at a time.


I’ve been struggling on finding a good program. But this is what I’ve been doing for a few weeks so far. Let me know your thoughts.



Look up 5/3/1 for Strongman by Aaron Moody.

Do that. Read the entire article for how to modifying it for a specific contest.

Or buy a book. I recommend Unbreakable Strongman by Dain Wallis. It will teach you as much as you could learn about training for or competing in strongman via written form.


Awesome I’ll read it now… thank you