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Example on HP Mass Workout


Guys I know Ima sound annoying again, but Thibs lat and bi's workout is just confusing, and idk, can someone explain or give me an example of the lats and bi's workout? Thanks


Have you actually watched the videos in the newest article? He goes through the exercises one by one, explains how to do them to get the most out of them, as well as gives set and rep guidelines. What more do you need?


on behalf of Thib

first you perform non-bicep involved back exercise 4-6 sets . He says in his video that the reps need to be 6-12 reps. (thats where the straps were used on the lat pulldown)

Then you perform superset lat pulldowns (any grip) and straight arm pull downs (no bicep involvement again)

this is again 6-12 reps.

Biceps: basically any variation of preacher curls that involve doing partials (top half and bottom half)

Biceps/Forearms: as an example they did hammer curls and pausing at the top

Eccentric-less circuit: watch the video im not explaining that




well it doesnt make sense, cuz i read his articles and saw all the videos, his videos are nothing alike based on what he wrote on the article, and i also checked the date of the workouts, on the article says lats&bi's once a week only saturday, on the video if you check the date they train the back again like 3 days after he trained his back, everything its just different.


1) Take the weekly schedule from the main HP Mass article (Look like a bodybuilder, perform like an athlete)
2) Watch the videos in the HPM: Lats and Biceps fatigue loading article - this is a sample workout for lats and biceps as well as an outline for what you should be doing on the l&b day should you choose different exercises.

I don't know what you're doing but if you're getting confused it clearly isn't that.


my post from lat/bi thread about 5 down from this one:

did this today:

thib pulldown 4 x 12

lat pulldown 3 x 12 s/s straight arm pulldown 3 x 10

preacher curl 3 x 8 + iso hold each set

hammer curl w/ 1sec pause during eccentric

sled work


did you have any band work in between? and also can i just do what CT was doing?


nah, no band work...haven't even heard of that being included actually and i'm not even sure why it would be


lol well they used alot of band works....


But I have a question,
when you do not lat/bi day, but instead you do it after neural charge workout(2 days per week),the volume should be the same distributed on this days(100%) or half/half for these days?
Thank you.


I think you are confusing the general training lab videos with the HP Mass stuff.

The training lab videos contain a lot of information about the different kinds of workouts than CT did, mostly with Daryl Gee.

HP Mass is a single coherent program that is based on the same principles.

However, the training lab videos are examples of various methods CT uses and do not form a full, coherent program.

All the information about the HP Mass workouts is in the HP Mass articles which are linked together using the "More in this series" or something like that sidebar in each article.

The band stuff was shown in some training lab videos. Feel free to use stuff like this either in your own program or on top of HP Mass. If, however you want to know how the standard HP Mass workouts are set up check the HP Mass articles and the Neural Charge section for NC workouts.

Do not confuse the general training lab stuff with the specific basic HP Mass program.



I would assume you could use bands for some of the support muscle training, I believe CT had them doing some band pull-aparts for real delts/rhomboids. Not sure if that would be more or less effective than using straps for the same type of work.


The first lat movement shouldn't involve biceps, so either a straight arm pulldown or a pullover machine if you have access to one. Do 4-6 sets of 6-12 reps. This set/rep scheme can be used for the other lifts.

Then do a superset with a lat pulldown and superset either the same bicep-less (is that a word?) lift or a different one.

Then do curls. Then sled work.

That's about it.


So basically i make my own lat/bi workout right? Thanks mates. @markriff I believe the volumes are the same.