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Example of TBT?

Ok heres the deal, my two friends (hard gainers) asked me to make them go to the gym and give them a routine to get them in shape for the summer. One of their exact words “I’m giving you full permission to kick my ass” which I plan on doing. The rules are they have to do whatever I tell them to do. Therefore, they’re going to be doing squats and deads even though they wont want to.

I was wondering if anyone could create a workout plan for them, and myself using Waterburys total body training. I know I’m a moron and its not all that hard to put together, but for those of you who have tried it can I see your routine? Since they’re new and want to get in shape for the summer they’re probably going to want vanity muscles, so for the isolation movements I’d say include bicep curls and iso chest movements…

Thanks alot.