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Example of a Bad Steroid Cycle


This is a true story

Someone I knew decided to do another cycle. Being in his mid thirties and buying into some of the macho mentality at this gym we attended, he decided to just listen to his 'bro friend' and ended up using sustanon 250, tren ace AND tren enenthate. When this individual finally came off he had no test taper, not nolvadex, nothing.

It took this individual over two and a half months to recover his sex drive, lost a lot, I mean a LOT of weight, felt that 225lbs was extremely heavy in his hands on the bench, and over just looked like a stressed out atrophied version of his former self.

Anyone who wants to contribute their own experiences or those of someone they know please do.


It's amazing how many steroid users know F£$k all about controlling estrogen or PCT. Whats worse is that many are more than happy to give out advice when they know full well they've fucked them selves up.
I know one person who used test and got gyno, had to have surgery and was (this was years ago, like more than 7) about to embark on a deca and test cyle the other day with no PCT, Adex or caber. Unbelievable! I suggested to him that he order some adex, clomid and caber.

Even worse, I met some one (through a friend) who is a national champion bodybuilder (here in the UK, in his federation and weight group)
We had a chat the other day, he is very open about his steroid use (at least in private) its clear from his pictures he has mild gyno and knows nothing about controlling E etc, he is probably on HRT so knows nothing about PCT, but I found it very irresponsible that he offers steroid cycle advice (which impressionable people take as they admire his physique and think he knows what he's talking about) which includes deca, test and no pct or anti E.

I expect some one probably gives him cycle advice and probably handles all his shots etc for him.
He advised a friend of mine his first cycle which consisted of 200mg deca a week and 20mg dbol per day, with half shots of deca the first week to make sure there were no adverse side effects? Also no caber, no adex/nolva and no PCT! He also missed a chance to screw an extremely hot women from deca dick on that cycle!

Another guy I know was on for 2.5 years (using nolvadex instead of adex, using deca throughout, drol, dbol, suffered terrible bacne, wouldn't stop the orals) came off using the 'one shot of hcg' a week before coming off plus maybe 30 days clomid, he had been using deca right up to the end of his cycle, ended up losing his libido totally,lost a load of muscle, split up with his mrs.... Wouldn't listen to me about attempting the taper...

I think many people don't care to think ahead or spend money on extras like pct, they think that so long as they've gained muscle during the cycle its been a success.


Wow, you have some pretty good examples. It does blow my mind how some people just dive right in head first with this shit.

There was a study done once, and it found that overall for all of the 'illicit' drug users, steroid users were the most informed about how the drugs work in your body and what negative side effects could occur.


Saw a segment on the local news warning of the dangers of steroid abuse. There was a fat piece of shit that looked like he'd never lifted a weight in his life talking about how he'd been using two steroids, Dbol and Clen, for several years. Of course, Clen isn't a steroid, but he didn't seem to know that. I think that's the worst example I know of.


When i was in my first 2 years of uni I knew a guy [Met him working out at the gym] who went on a deca +misc other random orals cycle to get huge. Now keep in mind that this guy couldnt train hard to save his life. He had a biceps only day 2x per week and never did any compound lifts [not even bench].

The idea that the juice doesnt just make you huge for no good reason was unthinkable to him. When i told him that the juice only allows you to train harder and more often he looked at me like i just said that my ass contains an alternate universe where strippers have the heads of farm animals.

The best [worst] prt was that he had no taper at all and got massively emo after coming of his cycle. This was to the extent that he had to pull over and cry after hitting a gopher on the highway. WTF? Swore he'd never do it again cause of the emotional swings and that he only gained 10 lbs and then lost 6 coming off. What a fucking idiot.




Man you made me laugh when I read that!!

But bro, bro...I swear!!

Its the funniest shit...I dont even bother to argue with them...waste of time.

I will start to tell them to read the world wide web i think...and wait for the...huh what is that?