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Examined by US Customs

Just got clomid in - had an EXAMINED from US Customs on the outside of the package! Does this mean if it had been roids I would have been busted (and/or the package seized)??

Well you probably wouldn’t get busted. It would get seized.
I had a good 100amps of Sustanon taken here’s what happened:
The package was supposed to come in a week.
8 weeks later I get a letter from US Customs:
“Your package was opened at blank, it contained contral band, anabolic steroids etc, etc,”

Then it said something like if you don’t claim this package with in 90 days the items will oficially become the US Tresuary’s property"

So I have a brain & didnt claim it.

They even sent me a letter the week before the deadline saying “Times almost up to claim your contraband!”

So unless you are caught with a lot, & I think depending on how much AS you have coming in you wont get busted.

Now I’m sure if it was say X or Coke I’d be in big trouble!