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Examine this program and give feedback


A friend made this. He wants to condition and lose fat with this program. im not giving any advice at this point, but I am interested what others might have to say.

Monday- Legs/Upper Body Sets Reps
A1- TRX Reverse Lunge 3 15
A2- Single Leg Leg Press 3 15

B1- Push Up Variation 3 15
B2- Pull Up Variation 3 15

C1- Push-Up Variation 3 15
C2- Alt. Single Arm Pulldown 3 15

D1- External Rotation 3 15
D2- Internal Rotation 3 15

E1-10 minute Strectch/Foam Roll

Tuesday- Horizontal Pulls/Hams
A1-Seated Row 3 15
A2- Rack Pull 3 15

B1- Supinated Bent Row 3 15
B2- Hamstring Curls 3 15

C1- Renegade Rows 3 15
C2- DB RDL's 3 15

D1- 10 minute Stretch/Foam Roll

Wednesday- Upper/Lower Sets Reps
A1- High Incline DB Press 3 15
A2- Goblet Squat 3 15

B1- Incline DB Press 3 15
B2- Hex Bar Deadlift 3 15

C1- Flat DB Press 3 15
C2- Pull Throughs 3 15

D1- Internal Rotation 3 15
D2- External Rotation 3 15

E1- 10 minute Stretch/Foam Roll

Thursday- Pull-ups/Abs
A1- Neutral Grip Pull-Up 3 15
A2- Decline Band Resistance Sit-Ups 3 15

B1- Wide Grip Pull-Up 3 15
B2- Hanging Leg Raises 3 15

C1- Handle Hung Pull-Up 3 15
C2- Side Hyperextensions 3 15

D1- 10 Stretch/Foam Roll

Friday- Full Body/Neural Stim. Sets Reps
A1- Full Body Swings 3 15
A2- Decline Pullovers 3 15

B1- Med. Ball Slams 3 15
B2- Lying Med. Ball Tosses 3 15

C1- Tricep Extensions 3 15
C2- Preacher Curls 3 15

D1- Depth Jumps 3 15
D2- Hammer Raises 3 15

E1- 10 minute Stretch/Foam Roll


Rep ranges seem very high, not really sure what you'd be building with this except time in the gym.

Can you pick an established program and run with that first. Unless your fried looks the way you want to I wouldn't be following purely based on such advice.

Also, height, weight, quantifiable goals would help us give you a better answer.


He is 208, 6'3" looking to go from 11% down to 7% , im about the same myself. late 20's..

I dont like the structure personally... it looks like an overtraining nightmare because of all the compount movements using high volume and the fact that you're hitting the same parts multiple times a week. I've used many programs in the past using more of a simplistic approach, but he wants to try some new rep ranges to stay away from weight for a little white.

A lot of stuff by SilverBack (SB) has given me some great progress in the past, I was actually a client of his back in the day...


did something happen to the original post?? or is it just my computer..


Ok, you may want to post the program again else the thread won't make sense.

3 x 15 seemed like an odd rep range for all movements.

I'm not sure the level you're at but a well constructed total body program or 4 day upper/lower split or the 5 day split explained by Kingbeef in this same forum are all good starting points.

You want to improve body composition I guess? meaning diet needs to be excellent and working on a progressive increase in weights. If you can do 15 reps most would say it's way too light. 4-6, 6-8, 8-10, 10-12 are more logical.