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Examinations & Lifting


So I have an exam tomorrow. I finished my big thesis/dissertation/paper (whatever it's called in the US of A) a few months ago but I still have 6 wonderful mathematics exams. One of them is tomorrow.

I don't know about you but I am no where near as motivated within the academic "circle" as I am professionally or even lifting wise.

Why is this? Why can I not be as determined or obsessive about it as I am with my 5/3/1?

Anyway. I'm just saying that I'm bored. I can't remember anything and that I very much hate examinations.

That's it.


You should look into nootropics, ask Bushy.

I have wondered the same thing though, when you look at studying from at outside perspective you think to yourself why you can't simply focus and apply yourself as easily as in other situations.

I guess that's why I'm having a hard time making my mind up about what to study, eventually.


Oh Bushy... where are youuuuuu? :slight_smile:

Well I've always had the attention span of about 2.313 nano seconds. Was hyperactive as a kid verging on ADD. That never helped but surely I would have grown out of it! lol.


cause studying is gay



Have a look here:





Are you a math guy, Swiss?


omg man I am in the same boat. I can put hours and hours of research into diet, lifting, and bodybuilding in general and I excel at it but I fucking suck at school.

I can't wait till I get into my major so I can actually do things that interest me.

P.S. I've been taking adderall these past 2 days to study, I recommend you get some. I can study for 4 hours and have the time of my life. It makes studying fun lol. They are addicting since it is essentially an amphetamine, but it's worth the risk IMO.


With both work and lifting you can see a direct correlation between effort and results. With exams all you get is a grade that doesn't mean much of anything in the real world.

But who knows, I'm just bullshitting....

Good luck on the exams.


I'm going to have my quantum mechanics exam next monday and I haven't started revising for it yet. Damn internet...

And X2 with the short attention span


I am indeed.


Jesus, if all of the hours I spent on T-Nation were spent studying....


So am I! Didn't expect to find more of us here (though actually I have met several people in the math/weightlifting intersection, and I've heard that Barry Mazur can bench 300 or something crazy).

College or grad school?


Hard to explain. Here undergrad is usually just 3 years (since we specialize write off the bat. I'm doing a 4 year course because I'm also doing a thesis/project (which I just finished). It's on the St. Petersburg paradox. It isn't however a PhD so, kinda imbetween? LOL.

I dislike all forms of pure maths, it's official. Especially probability measures and borel algebra. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


There's no way that Barry can bench 300.

Nope. Ha.

Euler however, he was a tank.


You're in... Switzerland?
I'm in college, hoping to get in somewhere decent next year.

Yeah, probability measures hurt. I have a measure-theory based probability class now -- it's great stuff, but doesn't come easy. I have a soft spot for the numerical side; my research project last summer and the one coming up this summer are spectral analysis with a lot of "experimental results," ha ha.

Euler was indeed a baller.


if you study youll get good grades

i dont think theres anyone who doesnt have a severe learning disability who cant seriously focus on something and study their ass off and pull off a good grade, or at least pass.

the thing is you gotta find the motivation to do it.

and youre not alone, no one likes studying, everyone would rather be partying or playing xbox. no one likes work either, unless you have a really cool job.


Dare I say it but I'm a much more computational guy. I like analysis but I'm not a wizz at it. Give me some stochastic processes,statistics, and MATLAB and I'm happy.

Was just looking at the proof of Carathéodory extension theorem. I think I could spend the next 4 days straight looking at it and still not get it. Time for the gym!


my dissertation is due next friday.
i've spent last 3 days on T-Nation and other forums.
but hey, i'm starting sports and conditioning degree next year, maybe i'll learn something interesting then.
or not.


I think the bulk of it is that I... care about lifting.

I don't really care about my studies. I go through the motions because it's expected of me, but I don't really internalize it. It's not mine. I don't care.

It will most likely be different when/if I attend grad-school. But undergrad? By Monday, God-willing, I'll be finished with it. And you know what? Still don't care.


From my experiences at university, it is best to study the night before, along with getting a good night's rest. The next day, prior to your test, go over the material one more time (skim through it). You might even want to pop a Spike before. I took a Spike before the GRE and I killed the test.