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Exam nutrition

Examinations are coming up for me next week, I was wondering if you have any strong recommendations of best foods to consume before and during the exam, or any supplements also? Cheers guys. People are recommending glucose tablets, but I am concerned it will cause my blood sugar to fluctuate too much.

Ever notice how carbs make you sleepy? When I had exams, I avoided carbs and had protein and fat meals prior to them.

I never really thought about it because I don’t allow exams to stress me out (don’t ask me how). Anyway, I would think that it might be a good idea to down 5-10 grams of glutamine before it. I can only assume that looking at an exam that you don’t understand at all will trigger a pretty good cortisol release. Other than that, I would say stick with low glycemic carbs like apples, oatmeal, most veggies, and yams in addition to normal protein and fat intakes. Good luck.

Try taking 5x the recommended dosage of Ginko Biloba. I maintain that this supp really works.

Normal nutrition, but supplementing with fish oils, gingko biloba, and slightly-above-normal levels of caffiene can help.

Glucose tablets? Why? I see no reason to spike your blood sugar during study sessions. The resulting crash might have you digging in the cupboards instead of your books. Here’s some advice from a guy who’s taken more tests than he likes to remember. Up to and throughout finals, maintain a clean diet with adequate carbs, fat and protein. If you can, keep working out (this may require some pre-planning, though). Don’t make any drastic changes in your routines (sleep, exercise, diet, etc.) if you can help it. And you must not cram! Get your studying done well in advance. I would take a serving of Power Drive 30 minutes prior to each study session, and then 30 minutes prior to the tests themselves. Get plenty of sleep before the tests, and and arrive 10 minutes early to each one so you can pick a good seat and relax for a few minutes. Good luck.

Use Powerdrive. It works great before tests and also during studying.

Power Drive!

On second thought, just in case you’re really clueless and need a last resort, you could always get some Mag-10, pack on 10-15 pounds before exams, and then sleep with the professor because she’s so impressed with your muscles. If it’s a man, I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe get him some Mag-10? Or sleep with his daughter and see where that gets you…

Yes, Powerdrive with a caffeine tablet or while sipping coffee. That’s the best brain booster around.

I took the LSAT on day 5 of BodyOpus. I hit the Kettle breakfast buffet and took a ECA stack before hand. The brain seems to love ketones.

I don’t know how long the exam are that any of you guys write, but mine are 3 hours, and I always bring a sandwich or some snack food to eat during. No one has a problem with this and it stops me from thinking about my stomach while writing essays.