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Exam Aides


What are some supplements or food sources that are ideal on the day of an exam (prior to, and in-between, for multiple exams).

I'm thinking along the lines of exams that are long and mentally draining 8 hours or so with breaks in between.

Is there a cheaper alternative than Spike/Power Drive? I've heard a lot of good things about these supplements, but they are simply not affordable for me, and it would cost even more to get them shipped to NZ.

Any ideas? In terms of natural food, I'd imagine the ideal food throughout the day would be mod to low GI carbs, such as bananas, bread, etc?


Is 17 bucks plus shipping really too much money? I would say something like Ginko Biloba would be your next best bet. I'm not sure you'll be able to find Ginko that much cheaper than 17 bucks. Actually, if you try to put the ingredients in Power Drive together yourself, it will be a lot more than 17 bucks plus shipping to NZ.


The mods here have stated that they don't ship to the land of Oz... I'm guessing that includes NZ as well - I'd pay USD cost plus shipping for Biotest products, but their retail at www.biotest.com.au and www.biotest.co.nz is far more expensive. :frowning:


17 bucks is affordable, but I'm not sure if Biotest will ship direct to NZ customers.

To order from a Biotest supplier in NZ, I'm paying around $100 NZD for one Power Drive!


Is there anything that gives the same 'sustained pick-up' effect that Power Drive gives? (albiet more mildly)

I don't really know much about nutrition, but would something like L-Tyrosine do the trick? I'll try to see if they sell Ginko Biloba in the health stores here too..


I know it sounds evil, but an aricle in New Scientist a couple months back was illustrating junk food (eg chips n crap from the store) as containing a crapload of L-Tyrosine... maybe munching all day will avoid the crashing effects of it (and pissing other people off in exams as you eat is always fun)