Exactly What Hormones Does TRT Shut Down?


There seems to be some conflicting information on this but basically, I am first of all wondering, what hormones does TRT completely shut down? From what I understand, it is only FSH and LH that are completely shut down. Is this correct?

It seems like any other hormone that is affected, is only done so partially. For example, pregnenolone, DHEA, cortisol etc. And even with these, there seems to be a lot of unclear information about how much they are affected. Some say studies show 70% reduction, some say that there is no correlation etc. I can’t seem to find anything concrete online. Anyone here care to chime in? Either with personal experiences or studies.


Testosterone is the big one :wink:


TRT will shut down GnRH (gonadotropin releasing hormone). So, technically, testosterone does not shut down FSH and LH, at least not directly. Without GnRH stimulation, FSH and LH are not produced in the pituitary. Without FSH and LH, sperm and testosterone are not produced in the testes.

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I think there are examples of guys on this forum who’s LH & FSH aren’t completely shutdown despite being on trt for a while. Reduced, almost certainly but there’s still a small bit there. What affect that has, I’m uncertain. Guys that do full blown steroid cycles still have kids occasionally.

That is true, both of mine.

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Unless you talk to Dr Mark Gordon, as I have, who claims there are twenty something hormones that get shut down. Of course, when I asked for evidence and which specific hormones… Crickets…

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Would this be an argument for using HCG?

No… It’s an argument for lots of theories float around that people make up and can’t demonstrate with any evidence.

My experience /in my case trt shut down acth! =corti/dhea…
Its crazy an im special (negativ) hyper sensitiv.

But now i off last 3 monts…

My insulin/sugar sensitivity whas better-on trt im in the morning after eating breakfast tired(only 50 g of carbs) but off its no problem.
My dhea ehas going up from 120 to 240…an my cortisol whas up from 6/7 to 11/12(range to. 20)

Im a guy to have 50/50 benefits from trt but its not the holy Gral…
Off i cant go so much to the gym but no brain fog… Can eat carbs in the morning… But…

On or off not special difference on energy… Low/low
Thad mean Trt can by a shot i the knees to…

Sorry for bad englisch…
But trt can shut down soo much hormons by sensible men