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Exact Height of Rogue Y1 Yoke?


Hi everybody. I don’t usually post, I mostly lurk and read. But now I need a bit of help, so I’m really hoping maybe some of you guys can help me.

I figured the Strongman category was the best for this topic. If it doesn’t belong here then I apologize. Also, English is not my first language, so I apologize also for any spelling og grammar mistakes.

I’m going to buy a Rogue yoke to use as both a squat rack and a yoke. I’m quite limited on floor space, so the ability to have a squat rack that I can pack away easily if needed and that I can bring outside in the summer appeals to me. That I get a yoke as well is just the cherry on top. So please don’t recommend a squat rack or similar instead; I’m definitely buying a yoke.

But which one? The problem is height. I wonder if I should buy the Y1 yoke although I fear it might be a bit short to use as a squat rack without banging my head on the crossmember (I’m 5’11"), or if I should buy the Y2 and cut it down to size (max height 78" due to various reasons). That seems like a lot of hassle for a few extra inches, but it’s also the safest bet, as I can’t really figure out exactly how tall the Y1 is.

In the main picture of the Y1 on the Rogue site, it’s listed as 72" from the floor to the top of the uprights.

However, in the picture that shows all three yokes, the Y1 is listed as 70" from the floor to the top of the uprights.

And to really confuse things, the S1 squat stand that uses the same uprights as the Y1 but does not have the skid feet is also listed as 72" tall from the floor to the top of the uprights.

So, which is correct? If the S1 is 72", then surely the Y1 with the skid feet should actually be closer to 73" or thereabouts?

If anyone who actually owns the Y1 would be kind enough to measure the exact height then I would greatly appreciate it. Both the height from the floor to the top of the uprights, as well as the height from the floor to the bottom of the crossmember (the part you would hit your head on if too low) when it is in its uppermost position, if anyone would be so kind. Thank you in advance.


Couldn’t you just not install the cross member on the short yoke to avoid the whole issue?


Email Rogue, they are usually pretty good with this stuff.

Alternatively, we have the Y2, so I can give you estimates.


Then the uprights would just fall over I’m afraid, as the crossmember is the only thing keeping them together.


I tried that already, and they were sadly not very helpful, that’s why I thought I’d try my luck here instead.

If you would be so kind as to measure the Y2, then I would like to know if the 92" listed is actually from the floor to the top of the uprights, i.e. if it’s accounting for the skid feet or not. Since the Y2 shares a similar situation with the S2 (same uprights, same listed height but only Y2 has skid feet) then that would be helpful to know.

Also, as a bonus question, is it a full 2" from the uppermost hole in the 2" face of the upright to the top end?

Thank you.


Close to 93" to the floor, there is about a 1" clearance from the floor. Everything is bolt on, soI wouldn’t be surprised if you could bring it up/down a bit with bolt placement.

The centre of the topmost holes is 2" from the top.

The centre of the top hole on the crossmember is 1" down from the top of the crossmember.

The horizontal tubing is 3" and the top edge is flush with the top of the vertical tubing on the crossmember.

I’ll let you do the math on whether you’d hit your head. My maths says the crossmember hangs 2" below the top hole which is 2" from the top.

The vertical squate tubing on the crossmember is about 12", non of the holes are usable here and the spacing of the holes knocks out the first hole under the crossmember (ie ypu you can’t use the first available hole for j-hooks).That means the highest you can set your j-hooks (i.e where the bottom of the barbell would rest) is about 18.5" from the top of the crossmember, which is 1" from the top of the yoke.

Now, you can put the top pins of the cross member above the top of the yoke. I wouldn’t put it more tham half way up (6") but I don’t know how stable this is. The Y2 is huge and there is no real way to get up that high in the gym that isn’t dangerous.

Hope that helps.


Are you sure? My uprights are standing up in my garage right now without the cross member attached.


Strongmangoals, that helps a great deal. Thank you very much for going through the trouble of measuring and writing that detailed answer. I really, really appreciate it.

The height of the j-cups actually hadn’t crossed my mind at all, so thanks a lot for bringing that to my attention and providing such detailed measurements of that also. I just put a barbell on my back and had my wife measure distance to the floor, and it seems like if I can just avoid hitting my head on the crossmember then I can also get a comfortable lift off in both high bar and low bar positions, as well as front squat position. At least that worked out nicely.

T3hPwnisher, I guess I was a little imprecise in my wording. Of course you can get them to balance and stand upright without the crossmember for storage or similar, but that doesn’t change the fact that the crossmember is the only thing keeping them together. The two uprights are not joined by a horizontal beam at ground level like the squat racks are. The skid feet are what, 4" wide, maybe 5" at the most? That might be fine for making the uprights stay, well, upright when stored in your garage, but would you squat like that? I would never trust my life and health to two freestanding uprights with a 4" or 5" wide base when squatting heavy, but if it works for you then great. More power to you, you’re a braver man than I am. Personally I think that’s a recipe for disaster, and I’ll definitely be using them with the crossmember in place.


I don’t see how it is any different than a set of squat stands. I used them in meets without issues. You put weights on the feet and it stays pretty stable.


These will stand on their own but I think they will topple pretty easily. I wouldn’t want to try rack a heavy barbell.


I wouldn’t throw it into the yoke (just like a set of stands), but I haven’t run into issues with racking with that set up.