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Ex Wife Scores Some Lotto Money


A lottery winner has been left appalled after the wife who left him for another man ten years ago was able to grab £2million of his winnings.
Nigel Page, who won the £56million Euromillions jackpot earlier this year, is said to have been planning a generous gift to his former wife.
But this wasnâ??t enough for Wendy Page, 43, who decided to take legal action against him for more.
Lottery winner Nigel Page celebrates with his partner Justine Laycock after winning £56million in February.

He has been ordered to pay his ex-wife £2million
Sources close to the winnerâ??s family say she had wanted £8million, but settled for a quarter of that in an out-of-court deal. She was due to receive the money into her bank account yesterday.
Mr Page â?? said to have been shocked by the legal threat â?? offered to put the £2million in a trust fund for their 13-year-old daughter. This was vetoed.

Mr Page, 44, a former property maintenance worker, landed Britainâ??s third biggest lottery win in February, when an online lucky dip ticket won him half of a £113million Euromillions prize.
He and his partner Justine Laycock, 42, celebrated by getting married shortly after the win.
They moved into a £4million six-bedroom eco-home with 25-seat cinema and an indoor swimming pool near the Cotswold village of Barnsley and count Liz Hurley and Kate Moss as neighbours.
They gave their £235,000 home in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, to their former cleaner, and the couple are known to have helped local charities and friends with payouts.

Winning ticket: Mr Page moved into this £4million eco-friendly lodge in Gloucestershire, shortly after his win

But Mrs Page, a human resources director at an investment firm, went to see lawyers after it emerged her ex-husband planned to give money to other relatives.
Their 11-year marriage collapsed in 2000 and she now lives in a waterside home in the Cotswolds. She is also believed to have secured a large increase in maintenance payments for their daughter â?? from £150 a month to £2,000 â?? and was seen just before her monster pay day with another man and a bottle of champagne.
Mr Page is thought to be the first lottery-winning husband in the UK to be successfully sued for a slice of his winnings.

Yesterday a source close to him said: â??Nigel feels very hurt. The last seven months have been horrendous for him.
â??Up to this point everyone got on pretty well. But what Wendy has done has ruined everything.
â??Nigel has always provided for their daughter. Even when he was out of work he made sure she was all right. And right from the start Wendy was going to get a big gift.â??
Mr Page is thought to have agreed to the settlement rather than face the prospect of a larger payout to his ex-wife in court.
A relative yesterday confirmed that the couple failed to include a legally-binding â??clean breakâ?? clause at the time of their divorce.

The out-of-court settlement is understood to include a gagging order preventing either party from talking about it. Nigel Page and his wife are said to have split after Mr Page found a text message on his wifeâ??s phone from one of her colleagues.

Mrs Page left the family home, taking the coupleâ??s then three-year-old child with her. The friend said: â??They have tried to keep things amicable over the years for the sake of the child. But this legal battle has taken its toll.
â??Wendyâ??s relationship with the man she left Nigel for lasted two years.â??
Another friend added of Mr Pageâ??s first marriage: â??Nigel didnâ??t want it to end. He was heartbroken for years until he met Justine. But he still provided for his daughter, taking her on holidays and being as good a dad as possible.
â??Nigel was prepared to give Wendy £1million. She didnâ??t think it was enough. Itâ??s put a real dampener on everything at a time when he and Justine should be enjoying life.â??

Last night, Nigel Pageâ??s father, who lives in Cirencester, described his sonâ??s reaction to handing over the large sum of money to his former wife.
Brian Page said: â??Heâ??s unhappy about what has happened. Our priority at the moment is our granddaughter.â??
Wendy Page, who works for St Jamesâ??s Place Wealth Management in Cirencester, refused to discuss the settlement


I would have her wiped out, I'm sure a few hundred thousand would find me a pro.

Seriously, a gift is one thing, but to take advantage after the bitch herself left him. Damn. The audacity of people never ceases to amaze me.

(I realize they never arranged a clean break clause, but still... skip the country or something.)


Reason #3490234859023091757 NOT to get married.


This guy is obviously not very smart with women. His ex-wife of 10 years extorts $2 million out of him, so naturally he decides to get married again days after winning the fucking lottery. What a genius.

Doesn't matter though he's going to piss the money away anyhow.


another reason not to get divorced... its cheaper to keep the bish


X2 and fuck that money hungry bitch!


You've obviously never been in a bad marriage. And seeing as SHE walked out on him that phrase doesn't even apply.

And as an aside, at least man up enough to actually write out "bitch" as opposed to some cutesie "bitch" spelling.


What exactly is a "clean break" clause?


Now I aint sayin she a gold digger...

Thats not really applicable...dammit. love throwin that in phrase in conversation.


In this case, she's letting someone else dig the gold and saved herself the price of a shovel.


I am a divorced dad that caught my X fucking half the navy, but I am also a father. If you read the article they have a 13 year old daughter. Just pay the X/mom the money and move on in life. You won 56 million giving her 2 million so your kid has a good household on both sides is the morally correct thing to do.


Well played good sir.


Moral of the story?

  • Be careful who you marry.

  • Get a prenup that makes you truly free if you divorce.

  • Don't freaking go out and buy a $4m house right after winnings. This idiot is going to be broke in 5 years and crying our for public assistance. You want a $4m house? Fine. But first you have to have a steady stream of cash coming in. Invest that money. Sheesh, even that Facebook kid Zuckerberg is smart enough to rent a normal cheap house right now. You don't go around buying big pieces of property until you've firmly tracked the gravy train. Otherwise, you're heading for financial ruin.


Seems to me that rule #1 of winning the lottery is don't tell ANYONE, EVER.


What the hell is a clean break clause?


Facebook kid is Jewish, I'm betting this guy is not Jewish.


Thats when you cleanly break her neck and drop her out to sea.


It means that neither spouse is entitled to any future earnings....the proverbial baby is split and both move on.


Oh Snap!


Yeah, like a pre... post-nup.