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Ex-Propecia User. Major Crash. Endo is Clueless, Help


Yes just doesn’t seem to be having an effect on ED - I think I may have pelvic floor issues based on the fact my erections return with hangovers

Iodine and Selenium I followed your guide - this could of possibly improved the psoriasis?

I believe there is somewhere I can get my cortisol tested via mouth in the UK if you pay I may have to investigate this



I get some days when I crash back to how I was before

Could this be I am on too low dose of T? The gel not absorbing? My bodys own production shutting down?


psoriasis can be affected by many things … iodine can do interesting things

Saliva cortisol tests can be useful, if one know how to read the results - not my forte.

Many guys on TRT start to get benefits then they diminish as E2 increases. Transdermal T has the highest FT–>E2 potential of all delivery methods, injections least and more frequent injection, at least twice a week are best.

Many with thyroid problems cannot absorb transdermal T or do for a while then not. Labs will be useful: TT, FT, E2

How much iodine and selenium are you taking?
Note that high dose iodine creates higher TSH levels and TSH labs are then not useful.


Hi @KSman

Just checking in with an update

5 weeks now on testogel

Muscle fatigue and general tiredness has improved 60%
Psoriasis improved 75%
Mood and confidence lifted by 60%
Blood Sugar Crash mid afternoon improved 90%

I still have days randomly when I drop back to rock bottom - bed bound, extreme fatigue. Is this an absorption issue?

No improvement in the ED - has propecia caused damage to pelvic floor and blood flow?

I still have huge problems waking in the morning - I think there is something wrong with my adrenals. I read somewhere on here there is a place in the UK you can get the saliva test done privately? Do you have the details of this

I am going to push my private next week to get all my levels done, I am an ex propecia user and started with low estrogen before starting testogel

I am really struggling with this battle and may also ask to start wellbutrin


Following on from the above @ksman I am experiencing major weight gain too and also pins and needles in my hands and feet all the time

Is this a side effect of the testogel or is it now my thyroid becoming a problem?


Absorption can definitely be a problem for some guys.

Did you see my comments re thyroid and iodine earlier?

Pins and needles is definitely something else.
Can we rule out diabetes?
Fasting glucose OK?
Are you overweight?
Drug interaction?


I was 13.5 stone in March now 15.8 with no diet changes etc

Seem to have got a massive belly thighs overnight

Ill see what dose Iodine im taking later and post on here for you
Drs have already ruled out diabetes yes

Thanks @KSman Ksman Legend!


Hi guys

Little update I have been on testogel for 8 weeks now

A little improvement in the ED now but not significant - I am now going to push to try cialis

One problem I am now experiencing is sore knees? Is this a thyroid or estrogen problem - bearing in mind I had low estrogen to start with

Let me know your thoughts



So guys my nightmare continues 9 weeks on testogel and I now have the following results - Low E still looks like its my main problem

Can anyone interpret my E / T3 / T4

16-Dec-2016 Serum testosterone
Serum testosterone 17.3 nmol/L (9.90 - 27.80nmol/L)

16-Dec-2016 ! OESTRADIOL
! Serum oestradiol level 54 pmol/L (99.00 - 192.00pmol/L)

16-Dec-2016 Serum free T4 level
Serum free T4 level 16.4 pmol/L (11.00 - 24.00pmol/L)

16-Dec-2016 Serum free T3 level
Serum free T3 level 4.4 pmol/L (3.90 - 6.80pmol/L)


Any thoughts guys on those results above?

Is that Low E number the cause of all my problems?


Heys guys can anyone give me an insight into where I go next with my endo?

As you can see my E is super super low
But my test level seems kind of ok


how do you feel?

can you check your DHT? You could check how testosterone is converting to it by measuring DHT.It’s most potent version of testosterone.

You should also check your ACTH,Dheaso4,Cortisol

thing that is responsible conversion of testosterone to estradiol is Aromatase. I don’t know whether you have low aromatase or it’s result of propecia.

Do all above lab tests at once.


Hi guys

So today I saw an Endo from the NHS, I see my private endo who prescribed me T gel tomorrow

To begin he had empathy and came across very intelligent and articulate.

He dismissed E and said we shouldn’t even test for E for men, and that my T was normal and he wouldnt take it any higher for risk of cardiac issues etc

He didn’t no much about finatseride but agreed it seems to have caused me classic hypogonadism symtons

He suggests we now rule out sleep apnea and he wants to look at neuro and the brain. He wants to also look at my sinuses and have a scan done on those

He said I have normal T and cant get erections so there is something else going on that we are missing

I loved his enthusiasm and he seemed to care and want to help me but I dont know what to make of his opinion on Oestradiol?

Im sat at home now thinking propecia has destroyed my life and Im never going to resolve this


why you don’t answering questions which we wrote above?

you not make your recovery easier by this


Sorry I only just saw your questions

I have had the ACTH and other cortisol tests done and they all came back ok


So today I saw my private endo;

  • He said as far as he was concerned estrogen didn’t matter but based on what I said to him he is opened minded and will do the research I have suggested and also ask a testosterone expert he knows
  • He said as I have had a slight improvement on the testogel he believes its working but he is concerned about my ED
  • He agreed to double my T gel doseage but wants me to see a uro before we do anything else from here
  • He dismissed sleep apnea and said he didnt think it was a problem with the brain also

I said I was scared as most propecia sufferers dont get better but he assured me we will fix this and we have already seen some improvement in my general well being from t gel all be it small


Ksman can you have a look at the below for me please…

Guys some developments that I would love your advice on;

Sleep test all normal

Saliva test for cortisol and dhea a little more exciting

Sample 1 (8am) 50.49 7.45-32.56 High
Sample 2 14.74 2.76-11.31 High
Sample 3 12.04 1.38-7.45 High
Sample 4 5.07 0.83-3.86 High

DHEA Sample 1 am 1.07 0.25-2.22
DHEA Sample 3 pm 0.50 0.25-2.22 Low Normal

SecretopryIGA 4 102 - 471 Very Low

Please let me know your thoughts guys